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Discussion in 'Temptation Miches Grand' started by TSLBr, May 7, 2023.

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    you guys will be alright dont worry its fun, smaller crowd but still just as fun as you want to make it, pool daytime we go back n fourth if we cant get the vibe going at grand, we may hit the hot tub for a drink before getting ready for dinner, but there is always a group that goes to the disco for the show then over to miches for the show there too, we always walked with at least 3 couples, and then we all left same time or each on thier own depending how late or if ready for hot tub after, the hot tub at night didnt really have sex going on most couples just relaxin winding down with a drink or too the active ones were in the playroom. everyone respects your limits and normally can tell if your into something or not, example body shots, we dont push, it will be offered but simple no, its cool with us, and just keep partying along with us!
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