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    Blue Bay Club Exchange

    We have just returned (March 17-24) from a week in Mexico, but this time we stayed at the Blue Bay Club. I am posting this trip report here, as many times the same questions are asked about the exchanges between the Club and Temptations. This trip we went with another couple and all of our children, hence the reason we went to the Club. All in all we had a great time and I would recommend the Club for those with children.

    If you are premier member you may go between the Club and Temptations. A free shuttle runs on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, at 4 different times (10am, 12n, 4p, 8p). The rest of the time will cost a 12 dollar taxi ride (one way).

    If you are staying at Temptations and take the catamaran/snorkeling trip try to get on one that is adults ONLY. The Temptations group came over to our dock and when we boarded some of them did not look very happy about picking up a bunch of children. I could not blame them.

    I always recommend taking the Friday night booze cruise and trip to Carlos and Charles. This year because of spring break it was REALLY packed. We also checked out “The City” since our children went there to party. They are 19, 20, & 25 with friends 18, 19, & 20). The wife and I hated the “City” (too crowd, smokey, and loud). The “kids” loved it, despite the fact one was “drugged”, another had her purse stolen, and two met the producer of “Girls Gone Wild” who offered to put them on film. Now they all understand why dad insisted they stay together.

    I saw the new “Temptation Premier Beach Area”. It is about 12 beds and loungers for use only by “Premier Members”. It is located next to the towel hut. The area is guarded by a security person and has at least one attendant who provides you with towels and drinks. We sat there for a while but felt “funny” as I am not the type of person that wants “to draw attention”.

    We did run into some cancuncare members (Paul and Liz, Tinder, and Chuck2002) to name a few. All were very nice but due to us only stopping by and staying at the Club, our contact was limited.

    We have been on 6 trips to Mexico now. The earliest had been April. We noticed a notable difference in the crowds (much younger) and colder water temperatures during this trip in March. I hate to say it but it is our opinion that the people who really know how to have harmless fun and live a little are in their 30s 40s and 50s.

    Will be back in September!

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