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    Short form- wonderful, marvelous, fantastic.... can't wait for trip #5.

    Longer form... Pix and TR have already been posted by others who were there the same time we were: namely Y&K, Hawaii Islanders and Sheikyerbootie (Todd). This was the first time there by ourselves and we had the usual fun time. Of course it was great meeting "board" people as well as non-board people. And very cool when some people walked, staggered or swam up and said "you're Ken and Joyce from cancuncare".

    Flights both ways were mundane although surprised at how fast we went thru immigrations and customs at Cancun airport upon our arrival.

    Didn't have a room upon our arrival at TTR. Requested a room overlooking the quiet pool. Told us to go to lunch. Made a 1st stop to see the bell boy so we could change into bathing suits- he led us to the suitcase holding area and we decided to close the door to change in there- Went to lunch, ran into Lalos (hugs, kisses etc) then FINALLY had our first drinks); went back to the front desk and got a 2nd floor room overlooking the quiet pool. So far so good. Thru suitcases in and went down to the sexy pool. Drinks, drinks, meet people, drinks, drinks, meet people, etc....... late dinner in the buffet then over to the "sports bar" (using the "older term") and ran into Pablo- one of our favorite bartenders (as well as Hubert, Oliver and quite a few others who recognize us). From there to the evening event at the new Nice shoes (male and female dancers). I know that there are mixed feelings about the new place- but Joyce and I both liked it- although the raised dance floor is different. Closed down nice shoes then back to talking to Pablo- from there to the newly designed Paty O' bar (also wonderful improvements- more seating, cool sound system and some nites projecting videos onto a screen). Closed that down then over to the newly designed margaritas for a cheeseburger and couple more drinks... at that point it was after 2:30am and we headed up to the room.

    The rest of our days were carbon copies... we did make each nice shoes event and had neat time playing the quest. Ended up on the side of Lisa (the head of one of the teams) - her and her sig other are really neat people- here is where Todd (Sheikyurbootie) puts Joyce and I to shame- he has total recall for names, where-as our minds are like swiss cheese. Anyway, as they say, you gotta get involved and we did- gave up whatever things that we could then Joyce ended up on stage in the big boobie contest. She was the last to be measured by Lalo (using the reliable belt technique)- and even he was surprised to say WOW- one belt and fifteen fingers (actually feengers)... needless to say she was that weeks weener.

    Omelettes and mimosas for breakfast, double drinks in our insulated cup all day and late nite cheeseburgers- what more can you ask for.

    Ate our last nite in the Italian restuarant and had a great meal- even had the special "flaming" coffee prepared in front of us.

    Who we met- sorry only can remember a few names... Of course Todd who we met our last trip there - the social butterfly of the week. Great couple from Rochester NY- Woody and Sue and a neat lady from Calgary- Maria. Shouts out to Lisa and her gang, the 3 other couples from our great state of Maryland, the well buxomed blondes as well as all the others who right now evade our swiss chesse mind.

    As always, Lalo, Chinos, Mario, T (amazing women) and the rest of the cast made for enjoyable times. And it was nice to have lunch our last day with Lalo and T.

    And yes Todd (when and if you read this)- I do have pix of you wearing T's bikini top as a bottom after you missed the dart-board in crazy darts.

    And like we said at the beginning, we can't wait to go back for trip #5- as of now April 2009.
    Ken and Joyce
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