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    No Chapter 7

    Hi TJ
    On july 29, 150 Bennigans and also Steak and Ale filed for chapter 7.
    140 franchises remain open. My friend was a manager at a very large store in Denver. He got a call around midnight and had to let about 120 employees know they had no job. Those that showed up found the doors padlocked.

    They had a good happy hour but I wouldn't eat there much. I agree with Rivergirl that there are too many individually owned restaurant with much better food, at least in Denver/Boulder. Hey RG, did you like to go to Potters or the West End?

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    Oh yes, Jimmy, loved both of them. Also miss all the Thai restaurants there. And Moe's Bagels and Noodles & Co. and Ras Kassa's (Ethiopian) and China Gourmet and Sushi Zanmai (with that crazy drunken sushi chef who thows knives)...ahh Boulder...great restaurants...I'm hungry now.
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