Beer Pong or Beiruit

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Fletch, Nov 26, 2005.


Beer Pong or Beiruit?

  1. Beer Pong

  2. Beiruit

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  1. Brookers13

    Brookers13 Guest

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    i think we would all consider our selves beer pong champs...

    i must say it is fabulous to beat boys in beer pong when theyre like "oh my god i just lost to a girl" :wink:
  2. Fletch

    Fletch Guest

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    u know whts better than that? when 2 girls from anotehr town come to your parties and talk all sorts of trash about how they are good and stuff....and then they play the champs and okay they go up a few cups and talk trash, but then the champs come back and open up a can of whoopass on them, and hit about 8 shots in a row....thats clutch
  3. Brookers13

    Brookers13 Guest

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    see i dont like to talk...i just like to play...and whatever happens happens
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