Beach Recovery Update March 12,2009

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    From today's paper:

    1.- Six companies have obtained the bases for the bidding process for rebuilding the Cozumel, Playa and Cancun beaches in selected areas.

    2.- Three of them have projects they have done already in Europe.

    3.- In order to finalize the financing for the municipalities involved for the project entitled "Rehabilitación y Protección de Playas de Cancún, Playa del Carmen y Cozumel," representatives from the bank Banobras, the participating municipalities and the State Tourism Secretary met on Wednesday Mr. Rodrigo de la Peña Segura, President of the Hotel Association which is part of the trust for the project announced.

    4.- He also said that this meeting is specifically for the Trust to discuss the topic of the financing, repayment and other technical parts of the financing process between the banks and the municipalities.

    5.- It also turned out that there are 6 companies that obtained the bidding guidlines and their names are:

    a.- Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors B.V; that is working on several projects in Dubai like The Palm Deira; Deira Islands; The World and the Dubai Maritime City

    b.- Dredging Internacional N.V; Belgian Shipping company that has done rehab and maintenance projects is the beaches of Maronti and Lazio in Italy and Campello and Islantilla in Spain;


    ??(not sure where this goes--seem to be another company but doesn't have the "Inc." so putting it where it is found in the text--original text follows in its entirety.)(Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas de Madrid, that won the biggest hydraulic project in Mexico and that has done megaconstructions in Europe focusing on railway systems)


    c.- ICA Flour Baniel S de R.L de C.V;

    d.- Mexicana de Dragados, S.A de C.V; Engineering, process and consturction services that has won bids with Pemex for over 150 million pesos; and

    f.- Gami, Ingeniería e Instalaciones, SA de CV, that is also bidding on the first bus route in Mexico State that will run from Ciudad Azteca to Tecámac.

    6.- Representatives of these companies will also meet this afternoon in Mexico City with Carlos Sánchez, director of the area of Oceanography of the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) to talk about observations derived from the physical investigation of the affected beaches.

    --------------(Original text)

    Cancún.- Seis empresas adquirieron las bases de la licitación para la recuperación de playas en Q.Roo, tres de estas con proyectos de recuperación de arenales en Europa.

    Con la finalidad de definir los términos de financiamiento de los ayuntamientos, dentro del proyecto de Rehabilitación y Protección de Playas de Cancún, Playa del Carmen y Cozumel, representantes de Banobras y los municipios participantes, así como la Secretaría de Turismo Estatal se reunieron éste miércoles; indicó Rodrigo de la Peña Segura, presidente de la Asociación de Hoteles, órgano integrante del fideicomiso para el proyecto.

    De la Peña Segura manifestó que aún cuando no se dará una participación directa en ésta reunión por parte de la Asociación de Hoteles, si estarán al pendiente de los acuerdos suscritos.

    “Esta reunió es específicamente para el fideicomiso para ver todos los temas de crédito con Banobras; cual es la fuente de repago y para ajustar todos los temas técnicos financieros de cómo los municipios van a pagar. Ver el crédito, porcentajes. Es una reunión muy técnica entre municipios con Banobras”.

    Por otra parte trascendió que son seis las empresas adquirientes de las bases de licitación, con las razones sociales: Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors B.V; que está ejecutando varios proyectos en Dubai como The Palm Deira; Deira Islands; The World y la Ciudad Maritima de Dubai; Dredging Internacional N.V; Compañía Naviera de Bélgica que realizó trabajos de rehabilitación o mantenimiento en las playas Maronti y Lazio en Italia y Campello y Islantilla en España; Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas de Madrid, que ganó el mayor proyecto hidráulico de México y ha realizado megacontrucciones en Europa, destacando en sistemas ferroviarios; ICA Flour Baniel S de R.L de C.V; Mexicana de Dragados, S.A de C.V; Servicios de Ingeniería, Proceso y Construcción, que ha ganado licitaciones de mas de 150 millones de pesos para Pemex; y Gami, Ingeniería e Instalaciones, SA de CV, que obtuvo la licitación de la primera ruta de autobuses articulados en el Edomex, que correrá de Ciudad Azteca a Tecámac.

    Representantes de éstas empresas también se reunirán esta tarde en la Ciudad de México con Carlos Sánchez, director del área de Oceanorafía de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) para hacer las observaciones derivadas de la inspección de campo efectuada en las playas.

    Novedades today reports that there were actually 9 companies that paid for the opportunity to bid but only 6 actually participated in the tour of the beaches. The 9 are:

    1.- Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contracters B.V. of Holland

    2.- Dredging International N.V. of Belgium

    3.- FCC Consturcciones S.A. of Spain

    4.- The Mexican groupl ICA Flour Daniel

    5.- Mexicano de Dragados S.A. de C.v.

    6.- Gami Ingeniería e Instalaciones, S.A. de C.V.

    7.- Asfaltos Tecamac S. a. de C.V.

    8.- Estrategia en Ventas Industriales S.A. de C.V.

    9.- Oceanus Search and Recovery del Sureste S.A. de C.V.

    Novedades also mentions the following additional information. (Let the Burocracy begin!!)

    1.- After the visit and the meeting in Mexico City, they will have until March 17 to make a technical and economic bid.

    2.- The price each company paid to buy the informational basis of the work to be done was $5,800 pesos.

    3.- Grupo Indi that built a second story of the Mexico City bypass was present on the tour.

    4.- Another company on the tour was Marenter S.A. de C.V.--with a lot of experience in beach work and dredging in Quintana Roo. They also participated in the first beach recovery project in 2006 and installed the meshes and geo-tubes at the two points in Cancun.

    5.- There are only 20 days left before the planned beginning of the work (April 1) and the Environmental Impact Study still hasn't been presented. There is usually a period of 60 days evaluation AFTER that is presented for it to be approved.

    6.- Then after that, a presentation to the public in general is required.

    7.- And besides that, once chosen, the company that will do the work must get and present all of the necessary permits (about half a dozen) before they start.

    8.- The dredging and dispersion equipment is supposed to be in place in the Riviera Maya and the set up of the structures required for the work done between the 15-28 of April 2009.

    9.- The work is scheduled to be finished in all 3 areas of Playa, Cozumel and Cancun by August 21, 2009.

    10.- The sand to be dredged moved, put into place, compacted and leveled out is to come from the sand banks called "Cozumel" and "La Ollita."

    11.- According to the schedule, all of the work is to be finished within 151 working days.
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    What a coincidence, my birthday is August 22! Wait, are we talking Mexican time...? LOL

    Seriously though, thank you Jim for the updates on the beach restoration.
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    Thanks Jim. That's a great job of translating. It should be noted that #5, Mexicana de Dragados, is the Mexican arm of Jan De Nul, the original contractor who did the job after Wilma.
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    Thanks, Mel. I heard that Jan de Nul was going to be involved again but didn't see their name as such. They shouldn't be penalized because we didn't take their advise about a maintenance program.
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    KInda crazy

    :( Sounds like to me that by the names of the people bidding that they are going to dredge, the same thing that does not work anywhere in the world. It is a bandaid on a complex problem in which there are perminent fixes however everyone does the same thing until there is a shift in thinking. Look at the beaches twenty years ago littered with groins and sea walls now everone knows that does not work and is not willing to install them except in dire cases. Look at the headline up north in the united states about whole beaches being renourished and then swept away in a matter of months costing tens of millions of dollars for only months of repair. Hopefully someone in cancun is smart enough so say lets find a real solution and fix our beaches once. If they are set on dredgeing for sand to replinish the beach then they should ask what make this company so sure they can make the sand stay. There are multiple companies moving better technology forward however they are busy enough that they are not going to chase deals.
    Good luck to the people of mexico and hopefully whatever is done will last long enough to justify the money spent.
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