Beach Recovery Program Update Feb. 24, 2009

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    Novedades states:
    1.- Equipment installation will begin in Cancun from 10-23 of May and in Cozumel from 3 April-19 May and in Playa from 16 April to 6 May 2009.
    2.- Sand will be deposited on the beaches
    a.- Playa: 7-20 of May
    b.- Cozumel: 13 May to 21 June
    c.- Cancun 23 May to 21 August
    3.- Structures built:
    a.- Playa: 15 April to 16 May
    b.- Cozumel: 15 April to 13 May
    c.- Cancun 15 April to 14 August
    4.- Yesterday the "Pre-bases" for the bidding process were announced. (what THEY think they process should be.)
    5.- Interviews with potential candidates will be conducted from March 9-10 so the potential companies can evaluate the work to be done and the amount of dredging needed.
    6.- Part of the process is the placing of 13,700 cement cubes in the ocean.
    7.- It is stipulated that the "Beach Trust" (entity in charge) can cancel the work any time they feel it is no longer necessary.
    8.- All of this will be finished and the contract awarded so that the dredging can begin by April 1 (!!!!!)
    9.- Since the work will be done during hurricane season, there is a clause that if one hits during the time of the rebuilding, the company will have to repair any damage caused.
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