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    So we just got home last nigth around 6:00, most clothes are washed, house straightened up and can finally sit.

    We left on April 5th, our fligth was due out at 6:20 a.m., so we left home around 2 a.m., to be there 3 hours early for international flights. On arrival we were informed the flight was going to be delayed an hour and we wouldn't be leaving until 7:20. We finally got boarded and ready to go when we were informed there would be another delay. It seems a passenger made it through intital scrutiny and when he went to board it was discovered that his passport was expired, now they had to pull all of the luggage off the plane as well as those of his companions, then they had to reload, 2 hours later we finally left. On arrival in Cancun everyone stood to get off the plane, the pilot came on and said sit back, the landing people don't like where we are, they made the plane back up about six inches. Finally we were off the plane, went to pick up luggage and I swear they were off loading 3 planes at once, we got one bag off the first one and then had to wait while two other trailers were off loaded before e got our second bag. Now it was time to go through customs, no problem although I did get red lighted and they opened my bag and checked it. Off to transportation, we found our rep right away and boarded, but wouldn't you know it, one group decided to get a cab without informing anyone, we waited another half hour until the driver finally got permission to leave. Now we were the 5th stop and finally made it to temptations about 2:30, got our room right away and changed and went down to the pool.

    As soon as we arrived, Sask D & J called us over, we went and talked and B & C came up, while meeting them we were introduced to Leo and Betty (MZBlondene), talked to them, RoyNSandy came over, met up with Jimmee and Kimmee (Yeda Do) and Don and Roseann (Minerman), Bethy's group of six came over, so within an hour we had met 16 people that were active participants in the April roll call. As the day wore on and we wore out we headed back to the room and fell asleep until about midnight. We got up for a few hours and then finally called it an evening about 3 a.m.

    Sunday we went down to the pool, I got us chairs about 6:45, I found this year you could get premium spots right up until about 7:30, they have added more chairs and they feel tighter, there is also a bigger section where the chairs are 2 deep, as well for a few days there was about a group of 6 chairs reserved for RCI members although I never seen them used. We lounged around most of the day, we met Jen and Todd from the board and hung out with them for the rest of day. In the evening we again slept until about 9:30, we went and had our cheeseburgers in paradise (cue up Jimmy Buffet here), and then tried the disco and hung out by ourselves the rest of the evening, I seen Lisa and Lenny from the board and said hello. We went down to the beach and I went swimming around 1 a.m., I tried to coax Barb in but security was coming over, so I got dressed and got out. Back to the room for the evening.

    Monday was more of the same, hang out by the pool, laugh and goof with everyone and just have an all around great time. We ate dinner at Tex Mex this evening with Roy and Sandy, dinner was great and company was fantastic. In the evening we all went to Coco-Bongo's with the staff, they required 2 buses to take everyone down, we had the VIP section up by the closed off glass section where the lighting and sound boards are contained, it was cool watching them as the special effects came about. By the end of the evening it was Barb and I, Jen and Todd, Roy and Sandy and Jimmee and Kimmee left, around 3 a.m., we all hailed a cab and went back to the resort, the guys were all singing, the ladies were laughing. We had cheesburgers at 3 a.m., and then headed over to the beach. The guys got naked and jumped in the water, the girls started to until security came over, we all had to haul ourselves out of the water as the girls laughed at us again. End of the day.

    Tuesday and Thursday were pretty similar, hanging out by the pool, meeting other people, we met Steves and his wife Marilyn, we seen Deb and Linda and talked with them later in the week. This was the beginning of the end for some of us, after Tuesday RoyNSandy had to leave, we missed them in the evening, Thursday, Jen and Todd had to leave, we didn't see them after Wednesday morning before the booze cruise, sorry both of you guys for not being able to say bye.

    Wednesday was Steve's booze cruise, Steve and Janet remembered us from other years which is so amazing as they meet so many people.we had 26 previous sign-ups, we all did some recruiting and we lost others, I think we had 27 from the resort show up, we shared the cruise with about 15 others so about 40 all together. The hole day was fantastic, Barb got some excellent deals on stuff in the town on the island, a beautiful aquamarine rting that the vendor started at 120.00, she finally got for 52.00. The way back and into the evening was pretty well a haze. I don't think we seen anyone after we got back, made it to our room and pretty well called it an evening. Thanks again to Steve and Janet for putting on a fantastic day, hope we can meet again next year.

    Friday at the pool was the Jimmee and Kimmee day, they won perfect couple and Kimmee was Mrs Temptations. It was also our final full day, Leo and Betty had left the previous evening, they were a fantastic couple, would love to meet up again some day. We also had a new couple that had been hanging out with us from Thursday, Ron and Diane from New Jersey, they were a fun couple and good to be around, we also met with Brian and Theresa on the booze cruise and got to chat and say hello and have a few drinks. In the evening we all went on the dinner cruise that ends at Carlos and Charlies, it was our first time doing it but it won't be our last.

    This pretty well ended the week.

    In summation:

    Changes to the hotel; excellent, the rooms are really nice, only problem as mentioned in Jenn and Todd's report was the water leaks through the shower onto the bathroom floor. The restaurants and buffet are great, the new Tex Mex in the old Nice Shoes bar is really good. The staff is all fantastic as they were other years, the entertainment staff keeps people rolling in the aisle, the maids and restaurant staff and the bartenders are all top notch.

    The only negative I can say about the changes is I beleive Nice Shoes needs somehow to be returned outside. As a bar it is not bad, but it is too hot inside at night, the old location I think made for a better spot.

    The people you meet: Is the reason we love this place, we met so many people here and mostly through this board. Everyone is fantastic and friendly, very few people walk around thinking they are the Ken and Barbie show ( a few people do, but they tend to be ignored).

    My travelling companion: Is more than any sane man could hope for. She puts up with my antics, is beautiful to look at, fun to be with, and can bring a smile to my face on my worst days. Every time I look at her I go blind.
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