B and T trip report April 8-15

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    I was going to try to do a day by day TR, but it all just kind of runs together and consisted mostly of drinking at the sexy pool all day with a bunch of great, crazy people! Our room was over by the Alternative bar and was nice but noisy if you wanted to go to bed before 1:00 am and hadn’t drank yourself into an alcohol induced coma. We had the shower / toilet combo door but it ended up not being a big deal. Our fridge was stocked everyday with a couple of beers, pop, V8 and water. Some of the highlights were:

    Steve’s booze cruise. This was a blast. It was our first full day at the resort and we met a ton of great people from Cancuncare. The snorkeling was ok, the current was fast and not a whole lot of fish but still fun. Steve and Janet gave us a somewhat rushed golf cart tour of Isla Mujeres (thank guys!) and we had a good lunch, did the “shark thing” and then partied all the way back! Great time!

    Sergio’s Friday night booze cruise, another wild time! Drank lots before we ever got to Carlos and Charlies, had a great time there and then took a cab back to the resort where we tried to go skinny dipping in the ocean but the security guards are just no fun!

    Our last night we went out to Corona Bar and then to The City with Mike & Marnel and Sean from Canada. This was a lot of fun and The City is amazing! Afterwards we went to The Taco Factory in the alley by Dady’O’s. One of our favorite places to eat.

    We participated in several contests, played lots of beach volleyball, water basketball (I suck at that game), horseshoes, flag football, Naked Tequila Volleyball, and I ended up in my wife’s sundress up on stage during The Quest. We had a little too much fun Thursday at the pool and slept through PJ / lingerie Casino night which was a bummer, Terresa had a great outfit for that night!

    Overall, it was one of the best trips we’ve had to Temptations because of the people we met. Mike & Marnel, Jimmy & Kimee, Ryan & Mary Beth, Bob & Barb, Leo & Betty, Rob & Diane, Jerry & Julie, Heather & Husband (can’t remember name), Jim Blais, Marilyn & Steve, Sean from Canada and some other great people that weren’t on Cancuncare. I’m sure I’m probably forgetting someone (sorry). We didn’t take very many pictures this time but will try and post the ones that I can soon.
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