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    Yesterday I went to the Azcue outlet store at the corner of Bonampak and Chichen Itza. I had seen a painting in there that I liked a couple of months ago, but it was way overpriced. This outlet has a lot of damaged merchandise and some things I would not take if offered for free. But I was intgrigued by this one painting and decided I would make an offer on it. But there was now another smaller painting hanging next to it. This one was matted but the matting was water damaged. Bottom line is that both needed reframing.

    I told the sales guy that I knew the big one had been there a long time, it was way too expensive, both needed to be reframed and to make me his best price for the two of them. 15 minutes later I still did not have an answer but he came out after 10 and said he was almost ready. Maybe this is rocket science. I finally just walked back to the office where I could see the guy and told him I did not have all day but would pay him $xxx if they wanted to sell them today. He asked how I would pay and I told him cash.

    More time passed and he said it would take $100 pesos more. My offer was ridiculously low so another $100 was nothing so I thought for 2 seconds, acted like it was 30 and said OK.

    Now the fun starts. It took 25 more minutes to complete the paperwork FOR A CASH SALE MIND YOU. The last 5 I don't know what was going on but I had a receipt and the paintings in my hands but there was one more thing to sign 2 copies of. One item I had to sign in two places, neither of which were marked as signature blocks. I had no idea what the hell was going on.

    Oh yeah, my receipt, in my hand, was stamped PAGADO but the price was something over $200 more than the agreed upon price and I had already paid that price. Then the guy literally walked with me until I was outside the building.

    Someone on this board signs with "You ain't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy" or something like that. Azcue was such an experience. But a month ago I bought something at their store at Plz las Americas and it went without a hitch although they needed name, rank and serial number on a cash receipt.

    Bottom line is I got a great deal and that always makes me happy. :D :D
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