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    We offer a thrilling ATV ride through the jungle trails to a fresh water cenote. Most cenotes are located deep inside the jungle, so the best way to see them is by way of ATV.


    Pickup in Cancun or Puerto Morelos is included, but there is a small fee for pickups in Playa del Carmen or further south. This is a small tour so there are usually just a handful of people. We start the tour at 9 am so be prepared for a pickup time of 7:30 am to 8:00 am.

    Once we reach the ATV station the guide will give each person a quick instruction on the safe use of the ATVs and a drive test to make sure everyone is comfortable with the machines. Then off through the jungle we go!

    At the cenote feel free to jump into the cold fresh water. Cenotes are sinkholes fed by a large network of underground rivers in the Yucatan peninsula. The Mayans considered cenotes sacred entrances to the underworld. Come experience cenotes for yourself!

    The tour stays at the cenote for about 45 minutes. Then we hop back on the ATVs for more jungle trails. Along the way the guide will point out animals and trees that are unique to the Yucatan.

    Back at the ATV station we'll relax with a light lunch of quesadillas or sandwiches and water or sodas. The tour finishes about 11:30 am. We'll get you back to the hotel just in time for a siesta in the shade.

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