ATL to CUN in June08 - SpiritAir charges for checked luggage

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by stephenj, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I am on the prowl for 4 tickets ATL->CUN (and back) June03-18, 2008 and SpiritAir is in the lead at the moment - by less than $10/ticket over USAir. But then I read that Spirit charges $5/bag for the first 2 bags, and $25/up after that!

    Sheesh. I did discover that Tue/Wed fares are the best to the tune of $100 less than other days of the week. So far the best offered is $328 (including the taxes and fees).

    Is it time to make that jump and purchase my tickets - eight months in advance? On our honeymoon in 2000 I paid $350, so $328 seems like a good deal.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Spirit is having one of their "$24 off for 24 hrs" promotions right at the moment....

    Steve and Laurie Jones
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