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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by Jimmy and Kimee, Apr 15, 2008.

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    Well..back to reality..sucks..We had a great vacation and will share a bit with you. I know some others have already posted for the same week so I will try not to repeat unless it is worthy..
    Arrival to Cancun was great..early..no customs line..only one plane in..But guess what no luggage..there was about 10 of us watching the carousel stop..lots of paperwork and off to the Hotel with one pair of shorts..Lesson learned.
    RCI transfer straight to hotel..no problems great ride..check in and see a young couple (Diane and Rob) aka..Superman and Shy girl (RIGHT)getting worked over by the sales person.Little did I know that they would become like sidekicks the rest of the week.It pays to say hello and be friendly..you might just meet someone really nice.Room not ready yet so over to the store in the lobby for a pair of swim trunks for Jimmy and bathing suit for Kimee..don't think I have seen one cover so much on her ever..lol...but she still looked great. off to lunch and we see Omar..he does a double take and we can see he remembers us somehow. he has lunch with us and we catch up.then off to the pool.Shocking there were a few chairs left..but they were covered by some banner for members only..what a joke..mid day and not in use..just put our knapsack down and got in the pool. it did not take long to meet some people from the board..we had some offers for clothes and stuff to borrow until our luggage arrived..It was all funny til about 5 pm and we start to think this could be an interesting week..back at our room which is really nice on the quiet side of the hotel overlooking the pool we get the phone call our luggage is here..all good nothing missing.
    The room was great..cold pop and beer..bottle of water each day..Please be careful in the shower..it is only a matter of time before someone falls..the water over the floor is nuts..and dry it up before using your blow dryer ladies..safety first..
    The A/C was wierd in our room..on full or boil to death..after several days of messing with it and thinking I actually wet the bed from sweat/alcohol..we found the solution.crank it up..put all the covers on the bed and snugggle in..it will also drown out the annoying dying whale music they blare through the rock speakers at 7 am around the quiet pool after three days of it i was planning on cutting some wires.I did complain about it and the last two days it did not come on ?.
    Some of the things we did..
    Meet some great people from this board and spent some quality time with them. Hairyballs and Betty ,B&B,B&T,Rob,Diane,Bethy and her whole gang.The couple from Cape Cod B&C,Sandy and Roy..so many but I can't forget Jen who spent the eveing with us at Coco Bongas and nearly died with us in the great taxi race..what a night that was..see B&B post..oh yeah and Todd..lol.You and Rob peak too early boys..
    The Cancun care booze cruise was a blast..it will be as fun and wild as you make it..I had to do a little open water rescue as one pickled young lady decided to jump off the back of the boat when I was coming off the spinnaker..the captain threw her a line..i pushed her with my foot and got her safely back on the boat before she drifted with the current.She was pickled..and just use the front of the boat to pee..it is way safer in the rough waves..Right ladies..
    The restaurants were all great but I did not enjoy the seafood one..lots of presentation but the fish sucked..should of had the buffet that night.
    have dinner early if you want to get involved in the evening stuff at the Nice shoes.
    Speaking of nice shoes..some interesting stuff goes on in there..Casino night was great save for the males walking around in street clothes instead of pj's gawking at our babes in their sexy lingere. If you go..join the fun not stare at it.lol
    Nice shoes is tucked away and most people seem to not get there..the disco after in my opinion sucks..most nights the DJ was playing ganster Rapp..the dance floor empty and people trying to request music and the dj is shooting pool ..DJ suck DJ sucks..esp when the cd was skipping. it seems to me they would rather have you out at the local bars.
    Pool events seemed more tame this year with a few days not much going on.But when they did have stuff it was fun.MY favorite was the guy that just walked in to the beer drinking contest, challenge the champ.lose and hang from the chin up bars with his shorts at his ankle as Chinos..counted Jamaican style to 10 too funny
    the new Canadian is edgy..aka bitchy if you cross her..she is not Alehandra..but I don't think she will stay much longer after talking to her and Chinos..
    The quiet pool is a great way to chill and relax even more..we did that for half a day..but the main pool is where to meet and greet. the weather was hot and unfortunately they close the swim up bar way too early 4 pm???.people start complaining..lol
    The Friday night party cruise..well most of us were leaving Sat and the last thing we needed was a booze cruise..lol..but thank god we did..it was a real blast..we were able to twist some arms and 8 of us went together..and had an absolute blast..great music..dancing..lots of booze..crazy chicks..lol..great food at Carlos and charlies and the girls got to get on up the bar as the boys took pictures and stared down the guys trying to get up there with them..right Rob!!This trip is a must..see sergio for info..
    The week came to a close way to fast but we had a great time and this board was a great way to help set the tone for meeting people and developing some new friendships..until we meet again..i am off to dream of Man Town and punching Hairyballs when I see him next.

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