Apple, whdream, other Torontonians, help!

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by CancunCanuck, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Hi Toronto people,
    I need your advice on flights out of T.O.. I have a friend on a tight budget who wants to come visit. He'll stay with us, but needs a cheap flight. Where do you book the cheapies? Is it actually cheaper to book a package? My parents always fly out of Detroit (they are in Windsor), is it worth the savings to drive down there? I think their upcoming trip cost them about $200 total for both of them (buy one get one free yada yada yada), and prices out of T.O. seem a lot higher than that.

    Looking forward to your expert advice! Thanks in advance...
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    don't forget Buffalo, much cheaper than driving all the way to Windsor!
  3. CancunCanuck

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    But Dennis, Buffalo is soooo forgettable! j/k! :D
  4. apple

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    i agree with dennis, buffalo might be the best option. they can be cheaper.

    generally places like and are cheapest for flights only. it is better sometimes to book an entire package, but, you can find cheap flights.

    tell yuor friend to watch the air canada websavers in the paper or to sign up for their email (its weekly) sometimes they have great seat sales. and ive actually booked directly wiht them

    even try booking directly with places like airtransat or other charters. you never know. sometimes they could have seat sales too
  5. Cdn Cat

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    I usually only book AIR ONLY when I go to Cancun and always seem to end up using I usually play russian roulette and book at the last possible second. I have never paid more than $360.00 CDN total....but then it depends on when you go too.
    Buffalo has never had better prices to Cancun whenever I have checked. Way better prices sometimes to Florida and to Hawaii tho...
    Here is a sample from Selloffvacations

    Step 4 of 5:
    Product of:
    Flight Information
    Departure / Return Date Flight no. Dep. time Arr. time
    Toronto - Cancun 10MAR2007 5G5002 16:25 19:30
    Cancun - Toronto 17MAR2007 5G5001 09:15 14:55

    Flight codes / City codes
    We Recommend the Deluxe Package. Our Deluxe Package brings you the comfort and protection of our comprehensive range of travel coverages and plans. Insurance price for selected passengers including all applicable taxes.

    Insurance Options:
    (Coverage valid for canadian residents only.) Total Cost - for all passengers
    under 60 years Including Tax
    Deluxe Package (Total for all passengers) CAD $146.88
    Classic Medical (Total for all passengers) CAD $52.00
    Non-Medical Package (Total for all passengers) CAD $114.48
    I decline Insurance coverage CAD $0.00
    All insurance is subject to terms and conditions. Please read our Travel Insurance Policy Brochure to make sure you understand what is or is not covered.

    Fare information Category Price Taxes Total (CAD)
    Per Passenger
    ADULT (1) $ 247.00 + $ 276.70 Tax
    GRAND TOTAL $523.70

    If your friend is flexible on the dates then they might want to wait to book within a week before going to get the best price. It's spring break right now so the prices will be higher.
    Good luck and keep us posted on the best price they ended up with :D
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    Yeah flying out of Buffalo is for sure an option. But you gotta weigh in with the extra gas charges and possible hotel stay...

    But yeah Air Caanad and their Websavers, always good for to check the newspapers as well The Toronto Sun usually has a good travel section I think on Wednesdays...Good to check hte smaller places for flight sell offs
  7. CancunCanuck

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    You guys rock! Thanks, I'll pass this on to him.
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