anyone been to costa rica on SB?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Animal, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Animal

    Animal Guest

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    heading there after cancun....saw some videos and it looks crazy!
    don't really have an idea where to go yet...any advice?
  2. whdream

    whdream Guest

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    Supposed to be very nice. But be careful over there, it is known to not travel "off the beaten road"Don't go where tourists wouldn't go kinda thing


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    AWWWW Costa Rica My Second Home went there twice as well last year ! Deffinately cant match with Cancun Though during spring break, most of the roads are horrible, took 5 hours to drive to the beach, that was only like 100miles away, took small planes to the beach whenever I went because I couldnt stand the bumpy ride, yeah deffinately do your homework on the destination. It is not too safe, other than that I had a blast will be headed back myself shortly PURA VIDA !

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