Anyone been parasailing in the bay off Temptation?

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by massi2403, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Paul and I went up when we were there and it was awesome! Absolutely worth going. I took my camera, the boat driver took a couple pics of us in the seat before and after.

    We were offered the option of either landing on the boat or splashing down in the water a couple times first. We decided to do the splash, got a little wet, but I just hid my camera under my shirt and it stayed dry. We then landed on the boat and got a towel to dry off.

    I certainly recommnd giving it a try, we had wanted to since we saw people doing it when we were in Grand Caymans and finally dragged ourselves out to do it. :lol:

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    Ice...I never pegged you for the chicken type. Hmmm.

    I went in Mazatlan and I loved it! They had just a harness not a seat and you started on the beach and landed on the beach. I think you actually start and stop on a boat in Cancun right?

    G went on the one behind the booze cruise (I was too drunk so he didnt "allow" now that I am still alive!) and that kind there isnt even a strap to hold you on you have to swim to the sail and sit on a hammock type of deal if I remember correctly (of course you arent as high up on this one either) and then swim back after you land in the water. I am not a strong swimmer in the best circumstances so even sober I doubt I would do that one. It was perfect for G tho cause he IS a pretty good swimmer but isnt a fan of the hights on the other type of parasail...
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