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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by BlueMarlin, Feb 23, 2007.

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    As I sit here under a Blizzard watch, scheming our next trip around the beginning of Aug 07 I'm looking for a little advice on where to stay :)

    In 05 we stayed at Dreams Cancun, Nice resort but the beach left a bit to be desired as well as a billion kids running around.
    Food was OK and the entertainment was OK as well, Staff was great we left feeling like we were treated like royalty.
    We are looking for a better beach, same or better food, great staff, and better night life and entertainment.
    SO let me ask all you Cancun addicts to fill in the blank and a little info on your choice :D

    If you liked Dreams you will LOVE___________!

    TIA for any advice you can provide :)

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    I would check out The Golden Parnassus, The Royal Cancun, The Great Parnassus or the Tucancun. All are on the long side of the seven and have great beaches. The Royal and the Great Parnassus are brand new resorts, built after the hurricane. The Golden has a huge fan club and many repeat guests, mostly for the entertainment and the staff. The Tucancun is one I hear many positive things about, though it's not a five star place, folks seem really happy with the hotel and it's service for the price they pay.
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    Aug 4, 2006
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    If you liked Dreams you will LOVE___BBG_____!

    NO kids.... an ok beach.. and you can go as slow (quiet pool) or as fast (sexy pool) as most people can handle.

    No pressure, great staff, etc.
  4. BlueMarlin

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    Thanks for the advice guys :)
    After a lot of looking around we could not pass up the price for the Riu Cancun, 99.9% of all the reviews I read were great
    So I booked :)
    7 nights starting the 3ed of Aug :)
    Now the waiting and day counting begins!
    Thanks again
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