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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by bhoot, Mar 22, 2023.

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    Mar 6, 2023
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    For a couple who have never even been to resorts without kids, forget about adult only resort, we were bit nervous and sceptical about booking this place. But somehow took a chance and booked it. So glad that we did. Way better experience than our honeymoon trip. Beautiful color scheme, the ambience and the art in the rooms…..mesmerizing! He Bash tower rooms are so amazing!
    Most importantly everyone is so respectful of others. Cameras turned downs, sideways, put back in bags, the moment anyone realizes a soul even at a distance.
    Age group: as everyone mentioned here, 35-50 even I would say 30-55 is great range. We saw some outliers but everyone was engaged in fun.
    Food-great, shows-great, drinks not bad. Sky lounge best and private and quiet. Speciality restaurants bit disappointing, perhaps because of high expectations due to description. You will not miss much if you do not get reservation.
    Only regret…. Did not book the boob cruise.
    Thank you community for great tips, USA travels worked out the best.
    All in all lifetime memorable trip.

    (May not be active for a bit as it will be too tempting to book next one sooner than we can afford to :) )
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    Mar 15, 2023
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    Thank you for the report! We booked for August and can’t wait!!
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