Alone to Cancun - Feel guilty or not?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by chichick, Feb 8, 2006.


would you go to Cancun alone/let your SO go alone

  1. YES! We trust each other

  2. NO WAY! Do you have to ask??

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  3. It depends how serious we are

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  4. I'd go (but wouldn't want my mate to go)

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  1. chichick

    chichick Guest

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    taking a break from Tripadvisor here.

    People - need some input so be honest…

    I’m going to Cancun by myself this time (my b/f could not take off work). I got an awesome single rate on GCPS and none of my friends can make the dates, and I’m just dying to get my sun and water dose.

    So… why do I feel a little guilty?? I’m just want to relax – I am so NOT looking get crazy and hook up – I would NOT anyway, even if I was single.

    My b/f is fine with me going and I’m totally fine with him staying for a week (we live together). We’ve been together for 4 yrs, and it’s been great, though we’re not that serious (no plans to get married, etc). I like exactly the way things are. A few people I know give me grief about going alone :roll:

    Why? I just need a short break from work and school, jeez. My guy is fine with it. He is no angel either (uber-flirt who used to spend quite a bit of time on Men and their egos. lol). Bottom line is, it’s not that big of a deal for me or my b/f. Yet, I feel a bit guilty
    anyway. Am I breaking some weird propriety rule? Should I just get over it already and start packing.

    Would you go to Cancun/whatever sun spot, by yourself (provided you were with someone)? Would you let your mate/date/spouse go alone?

    Why or why not? Dish!

  2. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Guest

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    You said that its not a big deal for you or your boyfriend. I think the reason you probably feel guilty is because you are going on vacation and he is not. But it sounds like everyone is in agreement. So go. Enjoy.
  3. vrodgers

    vrodgers Guest

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    The only guilt I would feel is about all the fun I was having without him! :lol: If I could, I would love to have a week by myself in Cancun to suntan, read and just relax!

    Enjoy your alone time and I'll bet dollars to donuts (where did the phrase come from anyways?!?) you will be taking another vacation in the future WITH him to Cancun.
  4. Mike L.

    Mike L. Regular Registered Member

    Mar 17, 2005
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    Chicago via Nuevo Vallarta via Canada via Seattle
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    You should only feel guilty unless you plan on doing something bad...???
    If not enjoy yourself.... besides whatever happens in Cancun...stays in Cancun. :lol:

    Anyway you only live once, if you bf can't amke it down, he'll make it down next time. :cool:
  5. A to Z girl

    A to Z girl Guest

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    Take a deep breathe and totally start packing. My boyfriend & I live together and I'm going to Cancun with my girl on Friday (just for the weekend). Of course he wasn't happy about it...but he would never say dont go. And think about it.... if you trust yourself, you should have nothing to worry about. Even if he may not fully trust you... just know you wouldn't do anything to worry him. You'll be home in a few days and will be feeling better and looking better. And he will notice that. Have fun girl and please dont go to cancun worrying about your boyfriend... i know im not :cool:
  6. Houston

    Houston Guest

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    We've been married for 9 years, so it's not a trust issue. Neither one of us would ever want to take a vacation without the other. We're just that way. We work hard and our vacation time is precious. Neither one of us would spend money on ourselves for a vacation alone.

    If I was single - sure! And I did! Go for it! :cool:
  7. CuteCanuck

    CuteCanuck Guest

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    Hey Chichick,

    I have been with my bf for 4 years (pretty serious, going to be married within 4 years or so) and I am goin to SB with 2 friends. At first he wasnt too happy with it, but later realized that things are goin to be fine and that I deserve a vacation with just the girls.
    As long as you two trust each other, who cares what other people say?
    So many different opinions and you can't please anyone.

    Have a great time on your trip and I am sure that you deserve it!
  8. jtslav

    jtslav Guest

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    you dont have to go can always crash with me haha lol
  9. chichick

    chichick Guest

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    *whew* thanks all. Feel better.

    I’m on to packing now, leaving on Feb 26th ;)

    I think that’s just it – we always vacation together…. And it’s cold here at home, thus guilt on my part. Next winter we’re going together for sure though, so that’s good.

    Houston, I’m sort of the same way… but I’m dying for some sun and ocean!

    Amanda and Mike, lol.

    Jtslav – be careful, I just might… Kidding! I’m all booked and set to go; cheers all!
  10. davissummer24

    davissummer24 Guest

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    I went to Cancun for the first time for 7 days in October 05 by myself. I was worn out and tired and need some ME time. So found me a last minute deal and since no one else had the funds went and had a blast. Boyfriend was ok with it. Emailed him every day from hotel or called him. Didn't feel guilty at all except maybe about all thoe sexy Cancun men that kept trying to get my attention! They really treat a solo female right! NO waiting in line for me all week :D
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