All Inclusive or European Plan?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Feb 15, 2003.


What do you prefer All Inclusive or European Plan?

  1. All Inclusive

  2. European Plan

  1. Mikey

    Mikey Guest

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    I seriously doubt, that it would happen. On the bus rides up and down that I have taken in Cancun when I go down, I see eateries with people in them, some packed to capacity.

    Just because you go AI does not mean that you have to eat all of your meals there it just gives you the option of doing so. If on a budget it is a good option, like my last trip it would have been prohibitve to eat all meals outside or even inside the resort if I had to pay at each meal.

    If you are able to go non-AI that is great, me I prefer the AI way, hopefully one day I would be able to afford going non-AI.
  2. Shelley-California

    Shelley-California Guest

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    I'm not sure but compaired to what I've seen we may have over paid for our AI. But I don't think I would want it any other way. I pretty much knew what I was going to have to come up with for all food drinks ect... before we left. We had encluded tours and other benifits that would have been extra if it wasn't AI. It was our first AI and I really enjoyed not having to worry about money.
  3. Liz

    Liz Guest

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    cannot go wrong

    I think you cannot go wrong with AI its nice to swim up to the swim up bars and not have to bring money just tip on the beginning and end of the week. I did and got my hand kissed many times. Anyways even if the food is not that great, the last thing I want to do when I have a hangover is go hunt for breakfast when I can go down in my swimsuit and have my own personalized omlet made. Oh and in the middle of the day after all the drinking and sun a small snack is always good. God I am a pig and I missss Cancun!!! LIZ :roll: :D
  4. Shelley-California

    Shelley-California Guest

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    Liz...LOL you think your a should have seen me.

    Wake up Where is the food... hit the pool...

    Mid morning....Where is the food... hit the beach....

    Lunch... where is the food....hit the other pool...

    Mid afternoon....omg I drove my husband crazy... :oops:
  5. Smitty28

    Smitty28 Guest

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    My first vacation was during spring break march 2004 and i tell ya i went AI. Now with the prices to get in the clubs down there during springbreak 25-42 bucks american a night the only way to go is AI during spring break. I drank myself silly each night in the hotel bar i got so drunk that when i paid them high prices to get into a club i didnt blow a gasket so being drunk AI in the hotel made me not think of how dumb i am for spending so much to get into a club. Also a jack and coke in the states cost me around 3-4 bucks a drink, i drank tons of them down there they were weak at first dont get me wrong but a few dollars and the next think you know where is the coke :) they will do the job sense they might be alittle watered down so be it that means you just have to drink more to get the effects and the more you drink the better you will feel about gettin your moneys worth i know i did. I spent alot of money to go last year and AI was the way to go. I got to eat anytime i wanted, to snack anytime, to drink anytime i didnt have to leave to go buy food. I still bought some alchohol of my own to get that stronger buzz going. Budlight is my beer i had to have some down there to.
    Also as for the drinks being watered down here is my theory i think that sense its so hot down there that we sweat out the alcohol more and it doesnt do as much for us so we have to drink more to do the job, i know the nights i got trashed in the clubs i danced and drank and drank and drank i started to sober up from sweating so much.

    Off topic but the AI in the clubs for the price is a total rip off. Some clubs like Laboom youd have to spend a fortune to drink for free like your guranteed when you pay that cover price. Then other clubs they would just load the drinks up but hell you didnt even know what you were drinking you just drank it in trust. There were nights i went into a club and maybe just mabye had 4-5 draft beers and that was it cost 30 + to get in.

    AI all the way
  6. Smitty28

    Smitty28 Guest

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    and yes i like to ramble on
  7. Shelley-California

    Shelley-California Guest

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    Re: cannot go wrong

    Oh Liz I agree. I loved the omelets first thing in the morning in my bathing suit. ( Well maybe I did put shorts on) :oops:
  8. captain_hug99

    captain_hug99 Guest

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    I also love going AI. However, I would like to see the hotels offer a "meal out" where they would give you vouchers to eat off premisis if you wish. That would encourage more people to spend money in the clubs/eateries, and possibly bring down the prices a bit while bolstering the "smaller" economy.
  9. cancuncouple

    cancuncouple Regular Registered Member

    Jul 3, 2004
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    Ok.. our two sense worth. We just got back Labor Day. We stayed in a
    beachfront condo, with small kitchen. We have always stayed AI, but
    tried this because of price. We didn't vote yet, because of plus and minus
    of both. We did get out and about more, going downtown, eating out,(
    with Brant's 2for1 card). We bought our supplies at Sam's and Wallyworld. It is very convient to have a cooler with drinks, and easy access to room. And... it was cheaper for us than AI

    We paid a total of $225.00 for our room for 5 nites plus airfare and transfer. As we said, our two sense worth. We probably will do this
    type of trip again.
  10. DOZER

    DOZER Guest

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    AI all the way my wife agrees as well, we just got back 9/2 and stayed at the cancun palcae it was quite convinient to eat when ever u felt like it especially when your hung over. also room service at 3am in the moring was a life saver.dont get me wrong we out a few times and that was good enough. the hotel food was hit and miss but there was always something, also socially ai is better we just hung out in the lobby many nights at the bar and met many people and the phrase i heard the most was "can i buy you a drink" it was pretty cool.

    ps smitty what we (me and my wife) did for the ai clubs is we only bought one ai braclet and one admission. i would just order 2 drinks everytime. but for tha u would need an acomlpice. this worked at senor frongs twice and daddy o.
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