All Inclusive or European Plan?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Feb 15, 2003.


What do you prefer All Inclusive or European Plan?

  1. All Inclusive

  2. European Plan

  1. Homesick

    Homesick Guest

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    A.I. is a must. Saves having to decide what to eat, where etc. Plus, breakfast and lunch we usually eat with the hotel staff - the entertainment guys or receptionists etc - so we can get to know them as people and that is a great time for us. The value for money is also without doubt.
    We've done it all in the past - self catering, eating out, cruises and AI in Cancun and as long as the ship or hotel provides a good range of food, AI is far an d away the most convenient and the best.
  2. Klaw

    Klaw Guest

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    I wouldn't take another vacation to Cancun that wasn't all inclusive.

    The drinks alone would break my vacation budget!

  3. Jodi MN

    Jodi MN Guest

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    I've done AI and EP in Cancun and prefer AI. I love the convenience of going AI and with the high prices in Cancun for food/drinks....I think I'd go broke if I went EP these days. :beerdrink:
  4. Oakie

    Oakie Guest

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    AI OR EP??????

    This April will be my first time going AI in Cancun, staying bayside for the first time at the BBG.
    Having been to Cancun to many times to count, I can honestly say that it has become extremely expensive. Drinks at the pool during the day could cost a small fortune!
    Since we will be saving money during the day by eating and drinking at the hotel, we will go out to dinner to some of our favorite restuarants while we are there.
    Can't wait for April 27th.........
  5. Barry

    Barry Guest

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    All-inclusive--Most Definitely. As most have stated, it would be so expensive if we had to pay for every drink. Plus, the convenience of not having to carry cash when you're at the beach/pool! Plus,Plus, forget about the regular hangovers, the worst hangover starts when you reconcile your credit card bill after getting home! Ouch!!!

    We live on the West Coast, and it is cheaper to go to Hawaii. But they don't offer AI. Therefore, have never gone.

    AI, IMHO.
  6. Michael F.

    Michael F. Moderator/1st CC Member Registered Member

    Feb 17, 2003
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    DallasMom brought up a subject we haven't gone over in a while. Thought this poll should be the right medium for discussion. 8)
  7. Lynne

    Lynne Guest

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    AI all the way. After my first time I never went back to paying as I go.
  8. davetazz

    davetazz Guest

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    EP All the way

    I'd never go AI as its a total rip off at least in my case. We own at the royal resorts and ususally eat in at the villa for breakfast and lunch. The meals in the restaurants at the resort are much lower than outside in the hotel zone. if we go out I use Brant's 2x1 card. We also buy all our booze at the onsite grocery store or when we go to walmart. I don't drink much so I'll usually go to happy hour and get something then.

    For 2 people for the week we can usually eat and drink for 300-350 US. Much better than paying 900-1000 extra just for AI.
  9. shoreladie

    shoreladie Guest

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    AI all the way .. Everything is so expensive I do think .. I wouldnt do it any other way . Lisa
  10. Rondo

    Rondo Guest

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    No AI here,but it looks like I'm in the minority,I can deal with carrying all that "inconvenient cash",I do it everyday.

    In the end,we'll all be going AI just like those Spanish corporations have planned.It will be impossible to open a nice restaurant and sustain it in Cancun.

    The price now for many AI hotels is prohibitive and rising,but once all the competition has been eliminated,you can bet they get even higher.

    Since much of the money leaves the country from AI hotels,we can all probably count on $200 airport taxes to offset the communal loss,instead of the $90 we pay now.
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