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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by Harpers, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Well after a 4 year absence and a divorce (how the hell I got the lawn mower I will never know!). I mate and I have haven taken the plunge and decided for 14 days of fun and frolics at BBG ooops sorry Tempatation!

    However, due to the fact that I am being exceptionally lazy I really can't be asked with trawling through the thousands of superb informative posts detailing what the changes have been over the last 4 years i thought I would ask just a couple of probing questions and hopefully some kind souls would reply ;-)

    So hear goes:-

    1) Have all of the rooms now been upgraded to the new decor or are the ones in the old side of the complex still a tad dated?

    2) Am I right in thinking that the rooms now have fridges and mini bars? If so is it spirits in the mini bar or just beer, water etc?

    3) is the late night burger place still open?

    4) Most important and the most stupid question anyone could ask..... Is Chimos still there... I know, I know what kind of muppet am I to be asking that question!!!!!

    5) Oh yes do the bars all close by 1am still or are there facilties to carry the liver pickling going.

    I am sure I have loads questions but these will do for the time being.

    The last thing to be said is that i am soooo looking forward to going back to a place where I still have some great memories and if this trip is just a fraction as good (see my trip report from 4 years ago and u will understand) then a top time will be had.



    PS hopefully there will be some lovely single American lasses there just to cement a banzai time ;-) (4th June to 18th June)
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