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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Golden, Jan 15, 2007.

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    We are arriving in Cancun at 11:15.....our friends are arriving an hour later.....We would like to share a shuttle to Puerto Adventuras...........Can I stay in the section of the airport with the shops and restaurants, or do I have to immediately go through immigration and have to wait for them down by the time share sharks and cab drivers?

    TIA....Just trying to decide if an hour in the zoo is worth $60.
  2. Klaw

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    A friend of mine thried that about a year or so ago.

    Didn't work out to well.

    As she was getting off her plane they guided the passengers to the stairway leading down to Immigration. When she veered away from that area and started heading towards the shops she was quickly "redirected" back to he way she was suppose to be going.

    She tried explaining to them what she as doing and why and was told that she had to go to Immigration right away.

    Not sure if that's a specific regulation (but it certaibnly wouldj't shock me if it was) but that was her experience. If you plan on waiting that hour then I'd count on doing it either outside or where you claim your luggage.
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    yes, you should really go through immigration and customs right away.

    But as of the last month or two there is now a new little coffee shop/restaurant right outside where you exit the airport, it's air conditioned too.

    Why not arrange to meet you're friends there? It's on your right hand side after you exit, you can't miss it.
  4. RiverGirl

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    It is a regulation that you must pass through Immigration and Customs upon entering the country, no choice there.

    Steve is wise, there is a little restaurant on the right when you emerge from the building, it's called Meeting Point if I'm not mistaken. And it looks like a perfectly pleasant place to wait for an hour.
  5. whdream

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    Yeah I would get the immagration outta way first before you plan to meet anyone. Always get that stuff outta the way first, thenmove on and meet people. Cause if you meet them, then have to go through u may be delayed
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    if youre going in the winter, i'would think it wuold be nicer to wait outside once you exit. take in the nice weather and what not. and if theres a small cafe there now even better.
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