After First Day Back To Ttr, Trip Report!

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by Sonny&Andrea, Sep 2, 2020.

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    Day 2&3
    Day two started out much better. Room was settled, we had went to bed at 7:30 slept until 6:00 the next morning and was ready to hit it. Boy did we ever. We had a great time at the pool, our bartender was Erwin and we just kept going back to him. He treated us that well. He was one of the ones I was referring to earlier. Excellent service, he remembered what we drank and would see us coming and most time start making them when he seen us coming. Thank you Erwin for the great service! Also while at the pool we got served by an old friend (when using a waitress) Saby! This is the third trip she has taking really good care of us.

    Both days we at lunch at Sky and both days the food or the service did not disappoint. Benjamin is the bar tender up there, and even though this was the first time I remember meeting him, I will not forget him. He also went above and beyond. I really can’t say enough about how well the staff has treated us.

    For dinner both nights we went to romanzia. Well she didn’t make it the first night, so one our favorite playmakers ( Sexy Poppi) went with me. The next night our other favorite playmaker Natasha joined us.

    Idk if the resort started saying anything at checkin, but we did notice a lot less cameras day 2 and 3. So that was nice.

    Also, I paid close attention and my theory of a lot of people not tipping was accurate. I paid attention and this seamed to be the case more so than not. So if you’re reading this, and you can afford it, you may consider bringing more tip money than usual. These people have been out of work too, and it appears a lot of the new guest aren’t tipping. I really wish I had brought more, I just brought the usual amount.

    Bash, we may have spent a total of two hours at bash, not because people wasn’t participating and it wasn’t fun, but we got the Cancun crude the second day, and our stomachs was tore up.

    Lastly we done the massages down the beach and it was amazing!
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    Spoke with Security and said that the Pink shirts were in charge of, videos, etc. first.
    If you recall guys like Miguel (Mike or The Cuban or to some “”Magic Mike”) were playing the roll of front line concierge or light security and were given hot pink shirts.
    Security ( the white shirted uniformed guys) have been told not to get involved with photos/videos unless asked to by pink shirts or guests.
    So, I spoke with Mike and he confirmed this.
    Said that is was their job to take care of inappropriate phots/videos and that if seem or if guests complain and point out the perpetrator that they will confront and verify phots/videos are deleted.
    (Not sure how this would work for live streaming!).
    He also spoke with his manager and filed an official complaint.
    Most mights there are two at Bash, but some nights, like last night, only Mike.
    He stands up on in front of the DJ so that he can scan all of Bash.
    He does his best but cannot see everything.
    The second person should be standing up by the lobby bar and they both have head sets to communicate.

    I had explained to both Security as well as Concierges that folks had been complaining here as well as on Facebook about videos and photos with unsuspecting people in the background and that many were thinking they would or could not visit any longer.
    Privacy was paramount and needs to be assured!

    Not sure this helps but I did pass the word, etc.
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    We dont like the cameras around the pool either but....there are cameras EVERYWHERE now. It's the world we live in.
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    An interesting action would be to start photographing / videoing the perpetrators... something in me tends to think they wouldn't be too keen on it , especially when it's in their face .... just a thought... faced off many a perve on a nudist beach or two with that !!!!..... P.S. So delighted to hear Saby is still serving us patrons.. anyone there please say Hi to her from the Brits, we're missing her beautiful smile xxx
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