Advice on Getting to Walmart and Downtown.

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by bncancun, Apr 14, 2007.

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    Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around (or you may look at that as a "Blessing".)
    I just logged on and have read a few transortation concerns.
    Busses from The Hotel zone:
    (These are my expierences not expertise)

    Takes you downtown (But does not take you to Walmart, unless you want to walk several blocks in our wonderful heat). It does turn up Tulum Ave. and if you are taking a bus to Playa del Carmen you want to get off at Comercial Mexicana, or tell the driver "Crucero, por favor".
    Takes you to Walmart and Market 28 (You will walk a few blocks for Market 28). It is also the most confucing clussterf*+=, when you get off for Walmart you are on Coba and when you walk the block down to Walmart you are on Ave. X-caret, don't go back to the same street you got off on. The bus stop is right in front of Walmart. Exiting Walmart you go to the left, at the entrance to your left is the bus stop. PLEASE DON'T WALK BACK UP TO THE STREET YOU GOT OFF ON. I see people walking that street, swweating and tired, and not enjoying thier vacation for lack of information (Oops, different subject).
    Another note if you went to Market 28, I think it is easier to walk to Tulum and catch the R-1 back to your hotel.
    It will take you to Walmart, Market 28. However you don't see that many of them.
    7:00am-9:00am don't even try to get on the bus INTO the Hotel Zone from Downtown (perfect time for going into downtown from the HZ though)
    4:00pm - 6:00pm. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, you will be armpit to armpit with constructiion workers and hotel staff.
    The best times into Centro (Downtown) are early in the morning or middle of the day.
    Getting back to your hotel is best done either miday or evening.
    I hope this helps someone, I just bought a car and now realize how much I hated this commute because I work the HZ during normal hours. You really know you are becoming Mexican when you find yourself, standing in the stairwell of the Exit door doozing off.
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    Thank you for the information. I was planning on making reservations at La Habichuela the 1st night (Saturday) for around 6pm but after reading your post I think I should plan on a bit later. So, look for the R-2 after 6pm get off around Mercado 28 and walk back to the restaurant? Would 7pm be ok for a reservation then? We plan on taking a cab to Wal-Mart from the restaurant and then a cab back to the Sands with our groceries. Thanks for your help.
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