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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Matt (the Travel Agent), Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Matt (the Travel Agent)

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    Although I am a Travel Agent and should know this answer and I just booked a "FAM" trip to Cancun from September 8-12. I am actually coming in a day early and leaving a day later than the Fam trip so my transfers arent included. Although I have been to Cancun 4 times I think I need a little bit more "Fam". Although Im a travel agent and should know this answer I dont because the 4 times I have been I have used Apple Vacations whose transfers are included. ??? What are my options for a reasonably priced transfer for 1 person to and from the airport and Riu Cancun???
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  3. Matt (the Travel Agent)

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    Thanks Steve! Maybe we can meet up when im down there? Ive been reading these boards for over 3 years and although i dont really know anyone I would love to meet a few of you. Ill be there from September 7-13 but and am staying at the Riu the night of the 7th, then im on a working "fam" staying at the Omni till the 12th, then back at the Riu for 1 more night, im going to be alone so I havent decided what im going to do yet
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