a tip for big nights....

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by P H I L A D E L P H, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. tea_jay85

    tea_jay85 Guest

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    Ahaha ... i dont care is she has ZERO talent, throws crack parties with Tyrone Biggums and has to slut it up to sell a record ...

    She is not beautiful, not gorgeous and not nice BUT she is unbelievably sexual! Would be very happy if she was the last person i slept with! Good luck to someone in cancun this year!!
  2. Franco27

    Franco27 Guest

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    wouldn't kick her out of bed if she farted :lol:
  3. P H I L A D E L P H

    P H I L A D E L P H Guest

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    only guys who don't have a lot of experience around girls think she is sexual. she is a cock-eyed slut. theres nothing sexy about her.

    now, if i were 13 years old again and were spending as little time around girls as i was back then, then i would probably think she were a goddess.
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