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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Max32, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Max32

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    Hi Guys

    I know you'll all be able to help me with this. I have fallen in love with Cancun and mexico in general. I'll be visiting for the 3rd time this year but I knew when I went back last year, I was in love!!

    I'm seriously thinking about making the move in the future - (maybe in 5 years or so).

    I am a registered Nurse in the UK and obviously would like to work as a Nurse in Cancun if/when we decide to come. I am unsure of the educational /registration requirements to work as a Nurse in Cancun and also about making the move in general e.g. visa requirements etc. My Hubby works with computers so I'm presuming that he'd be able to get some similar work out there

    At the end of the day - we are all on this earth once and I wanna live the rest of my life somewhere other than dreary England!!!

    Hmmmmm...better learn to speak Spanish!!

    Thanks guys
  2. Jim in Cancun

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    Yes, Spanish will help--a lot. Especially for personal and professional relationships. (Is there anything else?)

    I should also mention that getting "acredited" to work here in Mexico is difficult if not impossible and your profession is very low paying here. Investigate more when you are here--that is always the best way.
  3. cancunroberto

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    I bought a condo in mexico i work for a agency per diem so i work 8 months and stay in my condo 4 months it works and if you get a fm3 you can come and go as you please. they dont hire you if a mexican can do the job so this works for me
  4. Max32

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    Thanks guys - it does seem to be quite a feat to get into mexico and work. we're gonna look to move to the USA I think instead. Might be a little easier!!

  5. Steve

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    Yes, Max it will be tough, but it's not impossible. You may have to chnage things round a bit though.

    As a nurse the pay wouldn't be great *if* you could get a job as a foreigner and fluent Spanish would be a must, I would expect.

    For your boyfriend, again getting work in computers might be difficult too. However, it depends what line of computers he is in. As a self employed web designer like Rivergirl, or as webtrepreneurs (?!) like Drew and myself it is obviously doable.

    I know what you mean about dreary England though :wink:
  6. jen***

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    Where there's a will there's a way Max! Good luck to you. I would suggest you go to the Home Office and get the apostille on your qualifications thgough. You might even find they ask you for that if you go to live in the States.
  7. Max32

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    Thanks so much - I have chekced into the qualifications for the US - Ive been advised that it takes 2 years to move the the US and that I need to start studying for the exams 4 months before I'm gonna take them. Nurse training in the UK is more 'learning by doing' with theory as your back ground (which means - you learn by making 'supervised' balls ups!!!! - thank god I seemed to get through 3 years without making many!!).

    I think in the US the legal aspect of Nursing plays a huge role so you need to know about EVERY speciality - I specialise is surgery and OBGYN at the moment -especially early pregnancy assessment, so would wanna do something similar when we make the move

    So I think a move to the USA is way we're gonna go now. Hey - its a little closer to Mexico than the Uk is at the end of the day!! :wink:

    I'm already learning Spanish at the moment in preparation for when we go on holiday in September - I learned a little last year - but I would like to speak fluent Spanish - I can speak fluent French so I seem to have a knack for languages (god knows how!!!!)

    You never know - never say never as they say!!

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