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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by ettenyl, Jan 8, 2007.

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    I may be a travel agent, but I still need help! :shock:

    I'm heading to the Barcelo Maya (beach section) in 4 weeks. It'll be my second time at the resort, I know I'm going to the oldest section and stuff, it's all cool. So onto the questions..

    1. Best bars/clubs in Playa Del Carmen?

    2. This is going to sound complete naive, but I'm going on superbowl Sunday, what are the odds that it'll be on somewhere in the resort?

    3. Do they still serve Dos Equis?

    4. Are there any bar hops for that area? I remember going on a Sunquest bar hop 5 years ago, we went to some bar in a cave, Senor Frogs, and then were let loose on the beach in PDC with a wristband so we wandered in and out of all the clubs. I was so bombed I don't remember how many there were...

    5. Anyone know what the name of this building is? If you're at the Maya Beach, looking at the buildings from the beach, its the second from the left. Is it still the Coba building? I need to request it for our trip heh

    Thanks :D
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