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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by michron, Dec 28, 2006.

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    - Has Los Bisquets opened any new locations in the past year? (any near hotel zone?)

    - Is it better to rent a van from a local company or a U.S.?

    - Can you visit Garrafon without a package? I seem to remember doing this a few years back, not I see a $59 rate as the cheapest.

    - Any new restaurants in Cancun to try?

    - Will a Starbucks ever open in Cancun (please try not to abuse me for that question)

    - We're a group of 7 (2 grandparents, 2 parents, 3 kids under 6) - Any suggestions? (Our regulars - Los Bisquets, La Habischeula, La Dolce Vita)

    - Last year we went to a new buffet/show restaurant attached to a hotel - is it still open?

    - Best restaurant in Playa Del Carmen for families (our focus is on great local food, fairly priced, loud environments)

    Thanks in advance - staying at Royal Sunset, Jan 13-20th.
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    1. Closest Bisquets Obregon is downtown on Nader, close to the AMAT Hospital. There is another one close to the Walmart on Coba at La Costa.

    2. If renting a van, go with the cheapest rate and good insurance. The big name companies at least have a bit more accountability if anything goes wrong. (JMHO)

    3. Garrafon changed ownership, I believe wysiwyg.

    4. What kind of restaurants are you looking for?

    5. Try Mocambo, Toks, Casa de las Margaritas, JC Capitan, Perico's or Hacienda Sisal.

    6. I never remember the names of where we eat in Playa, we just walk and try whatever smells good. :D
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    P.S. with all the chatter on here about Starbucks recently I cant believe CancunCanuck forgot to mention that there are a few new Starbucks in Cancun now. I believe there is one in La Isla which makes it convenient to a lot of hotels.

    Also check out Easyway car rentals in Cancun. They have good rates with insurance included.
  4. CancunCanuck

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    Ooops, I missed that question!

    Umm, yes there are now several Starbucks. :oops:
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