A Better-Than-Nothing Trip Report!

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by JoeMar, Oct 28, 2008.

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    Okay, since nobody seems to be giving us any trip reports, I'll try to step up- but don't expect too much, as it's been 9 months since we were there! The wife & I (33 & 32) went for our first trip this past January for 8 nights. After researching the resort( I plan everything, my wife just gets on the plane when I tell her to!), I was debating staying 4 nights at TTR and 4 nights somewhere else, just in case we didn't like the resort. Boy, are we glad I didn't end up doing that. We woke up at about 4:30 a.m., had our customary "we're on vacation" drink, and headed to the airport for our direct flight from Cleveland on USA3000. Arrived in Mexico, BOTH got the red light & got searched, then found our guy from USA transfer, & were on our way to the resort. By this time I was fighting a pretty bad head & chest cold, but I was not going to let that stop us from having a great time. Got to the resort, too early to check in, so we wandered around the resort in full first-timer mode: long pants, shoes, lugging around our carry on bags with our valuables in them, and in general just not having any clue as to what to expect from the resort. We decide to grab a drink and check the place out. What is the first thing we see? Tequila volleyball! It wasn't the naked version though. After a bit, we got our room and went to get settled. Put our stuff away, changed, & hit the sexy pool. We watched some of the games, although we didn't participate. The wife wasn't sure if she would go topless, as she was a little self conscious about not being the biggest of gals in the top department, but it didn't take too long before she nervously took her top off for the first time. I told her it's too bad she didn't have a thong bathing suit to wear & she said "yeah right, it's too bad". Little did she know at this time that I had bought her 2 of them! She spent most of the rest of the trip wearing not much more than those 2 thongs. We lounged aroud most of the day drinking, ate at the buffet, & went out to Patty O's in the evening. When Gabrial, who turned out to be our favorite bartender, found out I was sick he tried to cure me with something he called "Mexican cough syrup". Not sure what is was, but I know it had tequila in in and I had alot of them.
    The next day we hung out by the sexy pool and started getting involved in some of the games. It wasn't long before T was talking us in to signing up for almost everything they were doing. She has a way of talking us into just about anything. I had to have sex with a blow up doll, dance like a Chippendale, collect ladies bikini bottoms & have them all draped over me, while my wife had to get a lap dance from a 300 lb guy, take part in a drinking contest, & stand on a podium in front of everybody in just her thong after winning a trivia contest. Most days including us drinking, playing volleyball- both beach & naked tequila, using the hobie cats, and hanging by the sexy pool. One day we did take the resort's cruise to Isla Mujeres. This was a great time, but I would like to maybe do it on our own or with a few other people next time so we are not on such a strict schedule. I would like more time to actually hang out on the island & maybe rent a golf cart. But it was alot of fun. One evening we left the resort & took the bus to downtown. The bus is an experience in itself, and I think everybody should try it. We happened to take it in the middle of rush hour in the direction of downtown! After about 5 or 6 busses passed us up because they were too full, a buss that looked just as full as the others stopped to pick us up. There were people sitting on the backs of seats and even on the dashboard, but the driver wouldn't leave until I was not over the yellow line! Anyway, we went downtown, and on the suggestion of our favorite bartender Gabrial, went to a restaurant called La Parilla. Seemed to be a good mix of locals & tourists, and we thought it was very good, with a friendly staff. We also enjoyed the Italian restaurant at the resort.
    Well I seem to have rambled on, and I'm sorry for that! I, like many of you, check this board often and it's nice to see some new posts during what seems to be a time of a lower activity on the board in recent weeks.
    We are going back this January 3 - 11, and are hoping that there are others doing the same, although it looks like only a handfull of people from this board are going to be there. We are glad T is going to be there, and we were sorry to hear that the guys aren't there anymore, as we liked them all. They all brought something to the resort: Chinos obviously running the show, Lalo was friendly to everybody, and Omar was as competitive as anybody when it came to playing any sports. Hopefully the new staff is good, we will surely give them a chance. Sorry again about the long post, hope & we hope to see some of you there!
    J & M
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    Great trip report...Better late then never!!!! Glad to here you enjoyed yourselves and welcome to the repeaters club!!! :lol:
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    A trip report is never too late!!

    We really enjoyed La Parilla also.
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