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    Hey all of you, long time no speak - hope you're all well!!! I feel a bit like a stranger on here!

    Anyway, its not long till Spring Break now, I fly out with a group of 12 guys on Monday 5th and return on the 13th, we got a sweet deal as well. £600 for flights and stay AI at the Riu Cancun. Can't wait its gonna be so good!

    Anyone else about - you won't miss us if you're walking on the beach, we'll be the twelve crazy welsh guys playing rugby in a drunk state!

    Last year was awesome - this year is going to rock! :evil:
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    Hope you guys have fun! :lol:
  3. DConCT

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    connecticut, usa
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    check out the CancunCare party on the 11th:

    click here to find out all about it.
    post in this thread if you will attend, and with the number of people you'll bring.

    click the link on that page right above the map for full details of the party ($$, meeting place, itinerary)
  4. *+*Kirstie*+*

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    omg welsh where the hell did you find that? i cant get anything for under £1000
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