3rd Annual Labor Day Sex Toy Exchange Party

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by JasonandNikki, Jun 8, 2021.

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    We are hosting the 3rd annual Labor Day sex toy exchange party on Sunday 9/5/21. At Bash before dinner so like 4-4:30. Essentially it is a white elephant party where everyone brings a wrapped NEW sex toy. We take turns picking either a present from the pile or stealing.

    This year, the limit will be $30-$40. The party works best if everyone picks out one nice toy, something you could see buying for yourself.

    The last party we went to was a lot of fun people really thought outside of the box on their gifts.

    You can choose to participate as a couple (with one gift) or individually (if you both want a chance to pick). I am limiting the exchange to 25-30 gifts, as it gets a little long past that point.

    Post below if you want to participate. You can play either as a couple with 1 gift or individually.
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