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    We are down to "the LESS than 30 day" countdown! We can't wait! Here are
    some links for y'all to check out.

    This is one of are favorites. We are going here Sunday night when we
    first get there and then Wednesday night. It is open air and they have
    water spraying on everybody. Bring some clothes that you don't mind if
    they get dirty. It can get
    VERY wild Basic.

    The City is one of the biggest clubs in Cancun. 3500 people packed in.
    It has a crazy awesome sound system and light show. There are usually
    different DJ's and rappers here during spring break. They have the
    largest mirror ball in the world here.

    Dady O's is 3 clubs in one. A rock club, A dance club and an ultra
    lounge. The dance club is really cool. They have a green laser show
    going all night and a rotating dance floor.

    Bulldogs is more of a rock club. They have a Jacuzzi too. They even
    have a live band that play rock covers pretty well.

    Coco Bongo is more of a show than a dance club. It is still fun. It is
    good for at least going once. It is pretty cool.

    Senor Frogs is a wild party. They have a water slide and foot long
    drinks. I drank 2 full Long Islands and could barely walk. People have
    complained that they have been drugged here. I have not experienced
    that. lol.

    SO, We will go to Basic on Sunday night and Wednesday night. Monday
    will be Dady O's. Tuesday not sure yet(Maybe rest or Coco Bongo). Go
    to Basic Wednesday night. Thursday is Senor Frogs. Friday we go to The
    City. Saturday will be Bulldogs probably. This is subject to change
    depending on where our Resort is going.

    WOW, this is longer than I had planned. But
    hey, I am SO EXCITED!!!!
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