3 things you would take to Cancun to make it even more fun..

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by tea_jay85, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. tea_jay85

    tea_jay85 Guest

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    I was thinking about stuff i want to take to make it even better ....
    am thinking ...
    1. a blow up pool thing to float around in - with beer holderS
    2. Water and shock proof camera
    3. Ipod with speakers for a bit of pre clubbing fun

    Ideas peoples!?
  2. Tbonita

    Tbonita Guest

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    No ideas, but I like your avatar ! :wink:
  3. claire

    claire Guest

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    we bought blow up dinosaurs last year tim!! played with them in the ocean!!
    much fun! but no beer holder :(

    errr 3 things???
    some kind of costume like superhero costumes. we said a couple years back that would be amazing in fancy dress.
    the attention would be mental!

    defo on the ipod and speakers. always need music to hype up before going out.

    and err..... i cant think of a 3rd!! main thing is to GET THERE!!! x x x
  4. Kait13

    Kait13 Guest

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    i would have #1 brought allergy medicine! haha but fun things would def. be ipod and speakers, beer bong?, idk fun things lol
  5. trigger2002

    trigger2002 Guest

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    1. A rugby ball
    2. Ipod and Speakers
    3. Condoms kids ;)
  6. whdream

    whdream Guest

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    YEah Radio is a nice added touch to have in the room to listen to while getting ready for the night out.

    And yes a floatie for the pool is key..!
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