2nd trip coming up.... need some help pls..

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by cancunrookie, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Hey guys, well, it's been almost a year. In 2006, went to Riu Caribe and had a BLAST :D !!! This year there will be 8 guys coming down on April 28, looking to party as we will have 2 Staggers !! Only problem is we are looking for more of a 'party, young (20-30 age) range hotel... but we also want nice accomodations... the RIu Caribe was very nice, but had more of a formal atmosphere, this year we want to be around more younger people... we were looking at the Grand Caribe Real because of the accomodations and price, but looks a bit more formal aswell....

    any recommendations on hotels for what we are looking for ?? Please help... :(
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    just PM'd you, check it! :cool:
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    i thnk that the gran caribe real is a good choice. they offer it thru student city. so there is a bit more of a party atmosphere there.

    you can always try the oasis cancun, but i'd recomend you read the reports on TA before you make that decision.

    the barcelo tucancun is also a good place for the a younger crowd
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