TTR For May 9th - 17th Photos Soon

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    We are first timers (new saying is first of many) We arrived the evening of May 9th about 7:40 to the resort. We no more then walked in the door and Jamie met us with an ice cold beer. He is the man...enough said! We checked in and quickly changed to go check things out. We did a walk around checking out the sexy pool which we planned to get right into in the morning. We walked over to the amazing Patio Bar and had a few drinks and then did our promised slammers that we talked about on the board prior to coming. Once again with Jamie and friends! He is a blast, and his wife Chris is a sweetheart! Knowing we were going to get up early we thought about going to bed early...NOT! That's when we came across Brandon and Carly and some other locals from our town, infact a few blocks away...The drinking started and the guys talked for hours! Bedtime ended up about three thirty! Oops!
    The next day we enjoyed breakfast at the buffet, the servers there are at your every request. They were amazing, please tip them! Then we went out for the experience of the sexy pool where we met up with people we met on the board. I felt instantly comfortable. The staff (Chino, Omar, Lalo and T) were not only hilarous but made everyone around the pool laugh and feel included! I made a point to talk to anyone and everyone and ended up making friends that I would enjoy for a lifetime. Dale and Cheri, Chris and Jamie, my Texas crew. I know I will forget some, sorry!My young boys, A.J, Gunner, J-Dog, Icy,Carly,Brandon,Nicola, Rafeal...Made the trip fun by keeping me young and on my toes...How many shots can a person possibly take? Haha Anyone who knows me will get a nickname, it's fun and personal!
    Mark and Brad went with Boris on a scuba diving trip. Mark has wanted to do this for years. Boris was so fun and very professional. When we go back next year Mark will get certified and dive several times with Boris. My hat is off to him, he puts alot into making it a wonderful experiennce!
    We enjoyed each of the fine dining on different nights. We loved getting out of our pool attire and into something sexy or pretty for the evening. Persoanlly for us the Asian was the very best and Antinio was the best waiter at the resort. Although each place we went did have a great touch.
    Nice Shoes did put on a great show and we loved dancing every night...I think I'm still sore! It was also very fun playing pool and walking on the beaches at night. It almost seems too many memories to try to tell about, I can't wait to go back. We hope to go when our friends go back. As it stands we plan to do two weeks next May!
    Our friends that went with us are going to get all our photos (almost 1,000) to me this week and I will get them up. Brad and Keri (originalparrotthead) may post them first but, they will be the same ones that I would have posted to enjoy the trip we did in watching them. Miss it all already!
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