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    Sun 10/26:
    Flew into Cancun, into rain...windy, cloudy all throughout the day. Got to our hotel room and our mini-fridge was not stocked (Bummer). We went out to the sexy pool and noticed the restrooms there at the sexy pool were closed.. Didn't bother me much because I am a bit OCD about public restrooms, and I always run back to the room (unless I'm incredibly hammered). Susan (of Matt & Susan) came up and introduced herself (despite Matt's protests haha). We were introduced to Bobby and Steph. Later, we had dinner @ the buffet, which tasted much better than we remembered.. Maybe it's just that we were starving. Food was cold, however.. We put on the comment card that they needed to keep the food a bit warmers.
    Went back to the room and saw that Channel 14 was another Fox channel! What?! No Playboy?!
    Ended up going to bed early.. we were both wiped out.

    Mon 10/27 - Mi Cumpleanos!!!
    Weather was windy but warm. Breakfast was really good, but again - it was a bit on the cold side (that later improved this trip). We talked to Taryn about going to Coco's and she said we would see Lalo, which was most excellent. I love Lalo!
    I started my morning with a tribute to mimosas... many, many mimosas. We had lunch @ Margaritas (Capriciosa pizza, please!) and then I felt a bit drunker than before...this resulted in the dreaded drunk hiccups. I passed out by the pool before 1pm. I had a nice little birthday nap!
    We ate at the Italian joint.. dinner was so-so. Service was lacking. I don't know, I'm pretty picky when it comes to service and food quality.. But then again, I always have to remind myself I'm not at a 5-star.
    We headed to Coco Bongo's after the Legs contest (go Nat!) and had an awesome time! Then we all climbed into what will be known as the clown taxi... In the front was the driver & Bobby. In the back was Matt & Susan, Steph, and then Mike & myself! We decided it not only was a clown taxi - it was a DISCO CLOWN TAXI! Steph and I began dancing in the backseat (on my husband's nearly-bursting bladder)... We got to the resort and we all drunkingly climbed out of the tiny ass taxi. By the way, Matt, we owe you for the cab ride!

    Tuesday, 10/28 -
    Susan and Matt left :( Buffet was a la carte for dinner... we were excited about the menu but the food was so-so.
    We hung out @ Pady O's for awhile - Me, Michael, Ian, and Nat... Rob & Amber later joined us, and I don't remember if Bobby & Steph were.. I think I mighta been working on being drunk by then. That's where we discussed Jergens Lotion and a Squirt Gun.
    Karaoke was that night, and some lanky white kid did NSyncs "Bye Bye Bye" with the dance and all! Karaoke word tracks were off from the song, but Ian and I knew how the songs went, damnit!

    Wed 10/29 -
    Market 28 trip.. Michael and I were looking at a 1-person hanging hammock, and the guy selling it was like "Here my friend - see how sturdy it is!" Michael sat in it, and the hook broke. Yes, my friend, the hammock is strong.. hook, not so much. Fell right on his spine. THEN the local says "Pinche pendaho!" (fucking asshole). Seriously? You told him to sit, he fell, and he's the asshole?!? I was too concerned about my husband to bust out a Texas sized ass chewing.
    We had dinner @ the Tex Mex restaurant w/Nat & Ian - had a wonderful time!!
    Afterwards, it was just me, Ian, Rob, Amber, and Michael having drinks @
    Pady Os... All I can say is: Shots - Cosmos - Licked Nipples - Tweedle Dee/Weeble Wobble (his name was Garretth by the way) - and me pretending to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail in Margaritas.

    Thurs 10/30 -
    I slept mid-day.. Yay! I love sleep!
    Dinner @ the buffet was really not the buffet again, it was a la carte. I had the pork loin and it was dry.. Michael had the chicken fajitas and the chicken was fatty.
    I don't even remember the rest of the day.. Although I do remember wanting a chimichanga like no girl has ever wanted a chimichanga.. and there were none left :(

    Fri 10/31 - Halloween -
    Weather clearing up - Met Roy & Sandy!
    Dinner @ Italian - thanks Rob for persuading the staff to change our 2 party reservations to an 8 party!
    Everyone had great costumes!! I was a dirty martini.. My smartass husband had a t-shirt that said "No really... This IS my Halloween costume!"

    Sat 11/1 -
    Rob & Amber, Bobby & Steph, and Ian & Nat all left! :(
    Special thanks to Ian & Nat for a wedding t-shirt - you guys are amazing!!
    Met Todd & Jenn and had a great time w/them!
    Baby Arms & Tequilla Shots!!!!

    Sun 11/2
    Michael was sick... But he agreed to do the beer drinking contest (only on the condition Todd set forth, which was that he got to motorboat T - which really happened!!!).
    We had beautiful weather, FINALLY!!
    Asian Wok for dinner - ribs & soup were great, but main entrees lacked a bit. I like my asian food spicy..
    I received the most amazing massage.. Michael bought some of the little massage oil bottles from the gift shop that were only $3.50USD.. They warmed up - absolutely fantastic!!

    Mon 11/3 - Day of Sadness
    Had to go home.. Michael packed, while I sulked. We said goodbyes to who we saw, and rode the long plane ride home (long.. it was only 2.5 hours). :)

    Had an amazing time, met some amazing people, and can't wait to return!!
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