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    Just returned from the Cancun Palace and thought I would share a few things. Of course, all are my opinion only.

    We are Palace Members so check in is always quick and painless. We arrived last Sunday around 1 pm and all but 1 room was ready. Within 30 minutes the 3rd room was also available. We were in rooms 822-826 corner oceanview.

    They were much cleaner than our trip in August. The week we were there I would guess the resort was around 75% occupied (although they claim 97). You would have to get up early (but not the crack of dawn) for a chair by the pool. The only reason we made sure we were down to the pool by 7am was to ensure chairs for our party of 7. The beach was NON EXISTENT. We were glad we went the week we did. A huge difference between college spring break when we were there and high school spring break. These younger kids (high schoolers) are going to kill themselves with alcohol. Why do they do this????? It is ridiculous. We had 2 - 19 year old boys and a 17 year old with us, They drank....but not to the point of eyes rolling back in there heads by 3 pm. Scarey....

    As stated above----gone... The first day there was a sliver over by the Meridien hotel. By day 3 there were HUGE rocks exposed up against the sea wall. The stairs to the beach completely roped off. It remained like this until our last day. They opened the beach as some of the sand returned. No chairs allowed, just enough space to get into the water. This is the first time I have ever witnessed the CP beach --or -- lack of beach except for when Wilma closed the resort for 2 years. This was the case for almost all beaches that we could see on this stretch. It is sad. I do not think any type of beach restoration will help this problem. In my opinion this area has changed. The water is not as crystal clear albeit, always beautiful. Just different. The beaches since Wilma along this area have not been the same either.

    The Asian restaurant is the best hands down. I am not a picky eater and the buffet is always fine for me. But the Asian food is a nice change from the buffets. Did not go to Fridas (mexican) or Mercado (italian) this time.

    Michael Jackson and the Circus show were the only 2 we attended. They were good.

    Day Trip
    Rented jeeps and went to Puerto Adventuros area and walked around. Watched the dolphins, sea lions and manatees. Ate lunch and left towards Playa. Stopped at Playacar Palace. It was nice. Not much beach there either but the boys went jet skiing. We ran into Hernando who was the lifeguard at the Cancun Palace for years. It was great to see him. The boys golfed at the Moon Palace on another day trip and the adults went to the Moon Palace pool. Pretty boring at this resort. It is showing its age big time. The boys loved the course but had to quit a few holes early as they were out of balls :lol: (golf balls)

    We have some favorites at this resort. Cynthia, Lucy, Nancy, Silvia to name a few. The boys knew the bartenders..... All in all no complaints about service.

    In General
    I have been going to Cancun for 24 years. People cannot believe I keep going back. We love it there. It feels like home. We do not have to spend half of our vacation looking for places to eat...we know. Or for nightlife....we know. It is our comfortable paradise. Cancun is changing. Another few years will most likely find us further south. There is no denying the culture and people of the Yucatan are wonderful.
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    We haven't been to Cancun in 18 years, and are going next week, staying at the Fiesta Americana Villas, near 8.5km. We're taking our 18 year old daughter for Spring Break...the last before college.
    We'd like to dine at smaller places a bit, and the girls are not into snorkeling, etc. Do you have any suggestions?
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