slot machines in cancun

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by cancunroberto, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. cancunroberto

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    wow really nice looking slots in Calliente sport bar at the mall behing Sor.ianas
  2. CancunCanuck

    CancunCanuck Guest

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    Lots of slots at PlayCity in Plaza Kukulkan now too, anyone know how long they've been open?
  3. Dangers

    Dangers Enthusiast Registered Member

    Aug 19, 2007
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    In a Little Cafe on the Other Side of the Border
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    Interesting, Kell or anyone else, do we know what the percentage of payouts are and does Mexico regulate them? I've got friends that through their positions in State Government aren't allowed to gamble at the casinos in NJ, and often travel to Cancun, this may be something right up their alley for a fun day or evening.

    A little bit of money, the night's still young
    Leave me alone I've got a license,
    A license to chill... :cool:
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