Sea Turtles coming ashore

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    One of the interesting phenomena here is the coming ashore of adult sea turtles to lay their eggs in the sand of our beaches. This occurs at night. Last night was especially active in the north end of the HZ, where scores of them had struggled onto the beaches to lay their eggs. I say "struggled" because they must fight their way up whatever berms of sand exist at seaside, then dig a large and deep hole into which to deposit their eggs and, afterwards, cover it over with sand.

    The turtles are large and heavy, and they are not made for land: "walking" on the beach for them involves laboriously dragging their heavy bodies across the sand, using a swimming motion, which leaves a telltale track of the shell dragging, the the flippers paddling. Watching this will give you an appreciation of what they go through.

    Watch, but don't disturb. Remind children to do the same, for the sake of the wildlife we all appreciate.
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