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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Jan 23, 2005.

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    Royal Solaris / Club Solaris

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Royal Solaris / Club Solaris here.

    Located at Km19 it is a 25 minute bus journey to the party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 50 minute bus journey away.

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    Royal Solaris = pretty nice, great for the price

    Just got back today from 8 days/7 nights at the Royal Solaris. We stayed in the Royal tower, not the Caribe tower.

    In a nutshell, the Sports & Entertainment staff was super, there was something to do most of the day, everyday. The bartenders & other staff were very good as well. The room was OK, we were upgraded to an ocean view room free of charge, but it was two double beds instead of a king. Nothing special, clean but showed some aging. The only thing we found to be below average was the food. Not much variety, and some was bland (at best).

    If anyone has any specific questions, I would be glad to answer them. If I don't submit a reply in a day or two, drop me an email at

    Hope it helps,
  3. springbreak

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    GRAND Royal Solaris


    Do you have additional info. about the GRAND Royal Solaris?

    I just got back from Cancun on Sun. 4/3 My friend and I stayed at the Grand Royal Solaris, it was awesome!! I highly recommend this hotel to anyone going to Cancun, no matter what you are going for. It's a new hotel that is all inclusive, has three restaurants, shows and dinner shows, three pools, hot tub, a wonderfully friendly/helpful/caring staff (that seem to love children and help parents), fun planned activities, 24hr. room service is included (which was amazing), mini bar is included, and fabulous views. It’s just a great hotel Questions? -

    We are looking to book here again next year.
  4. Lynz

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    Royal Solaris

    Recently returned from Cancun where we were caught up in Hurricane Wilma.

    Spent 7 days at the hotel and the other 7 days traveling around from shelter to airport to the Dominican Republic.
    Auntie and Uncle got married out there and it was fantastic, the hotel is brill and me and my partner will be going back when they rebuild the hotel as it was pretty badly hit by the hurricane.

    Went to the Casino night run by the entertainment staff and it was fantastic, one of the best nights i've had in a long time.

    The staff can't do enough to help you, when your glass is half empty they will come over and ask if you would like another one without hesitation.
    The food is fantastic - breakfast you can have fresh pancakes, waffles and omlettes made to order. For lunch there are snack bars where you can pick stuff to eat yourself, buffet lunch or a restaraunt where the staff wait on you hand and foot and for dinner you can eat at the buffet restaraunt which changes it's food every night from continetal, oriental ect or you can eat at the wonderful Marco Polo (smart dress). My auntie and uncle had their wedding meal there and it was fantastic, the menu also changes here nightly!

    wont dwell too much on the hurricane but in the shelter many of the staff members decided that they would stay with us and look after us while there families were left. The staff were brill and we can't thank them enough for what they did for us

    SMCKEEN Guest

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    Can anybody give me an accurate update on the damage done to the Royal Solaris, and will it be fit for travel at the end of December?
  6. Lynz

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    Recieved an email from one of the workers in the Hotel Solaris and here is what he said

    "Hello Dear Jason And`s me Rusell.............Thank you for Write me, i`m very happy for have news of you.....i`m because i not have chance to say you good bye........Zally Cetina give me a copy of your message.....thank you for remember me and you best family and I we are fine!!! Thanks God you are fine too.........i`ts true this hurricane was was the worst in many years.......but you know? we are strong and only the thing we can do is wait for the next "wilma"......... and we still standing.......
    My house I living With a friend. is a nice experience because I made new friends, like you a lovely people..........and I said before I `m Happy for know of you can write me any time if you wan` still have a friend here.....was a pleasure know you.

    Sincerely yor friend "the turtle-man"(jajajaja).............Rusell Peraza........"
  7. litobirdy

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    How can you get Club Solaris Membership?

    I am going to go in August 2006 and I want the Honeymoon package obviously. But on their website I keep reading about Club Solaris VIP this and that and exclusive this and that. When I try to join I end up goign to the page where I order the AI package. IS that all I need to do to become a Club Solaris member? PLease help as wouldnt it be dumb not to become a member if I go to the Royal Solaris Resort. Is there an extra fee for this??

    Ok i just called Los Cabos because the Cancun Resort has a busy signal the whole time. They said the only way to get the Membership with all those VIP privileges is to go through a 90 minute presentation. Is it worth it? is there a catch to it other than them hounding u to join something? please help..

    forget that.. tahts more for people who would return a lot. I dont have that kind of cash to keep returning to resorts every year or so lol
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    im heading to the Royal Solaris in July this year. Can anyone please update me how the hotels doing following Wilma? is it all fully up and running again?

    I also heard that its been subject to a complete refurbishment- again wll these works be completed by July?

    Thanks for your help.
  9. blkintegra

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    Goin to the Royal Solaris in July 2006. I cant wait!!!
  10. CancunCrazyCanadian

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    GR Solaris Info

    Cozmo, here are some sites I have found that have been great for pictures and images of the hotel. great pics and info here...

    If you do a search on a webshots page for GR Solaris, it brings up tons of other sites and images.

    From what I understand, it is a five star resort, and in some cases, it is a pay for one, play at two deal. You can use the facilities of the Royal Solaris as well, as it is just down the strip a hotel or two away. There should be more than enough variety in ala carte restaurants and entertainment between the two hotels.
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