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    Long Honest Review: Temptation June 11-20 (4th trip, 1st trip after hotel renovations, married couple early 30’s).

    We booked during the November 2017 Cyber Sale Of buy 2 get one night free (this ended up being $200 per night per couple rate or $1800 total for hotel) and we also paired this up with a premier referral so we got the black bands and got to try it )This sale was a great deal for us to go and check out the new hype of the renovated hotel. We have had lots of fun in years past at TTR! So we were super excited for this trip....

    We arrived at 10:00am and we were quickly checked in at premier office and to our surprise our room was ready. With the November cyber surprise sale we didn’t know what room we would get. They gave us a jacuzzi room on the 1st floor facing the quiet pool (we were happy). We did hear comments from members there that said their Referrals got better rooms than them so idk...

    Having the room at 10 was the best!! That was Monday - all day sun, Tue 1/2 sun then the rain started until Sunday which was cloudy, Monday and Tuesday were nice and we left Wed morning. So 4.5 rain / 9 days really sucked!! :(

    THE ROOM: (Jacuzzi room facing quiet pool). We had a king bed and the mattress and pillows were really comfortable. It rained 50% of our trip or more (all day type of rain due to tropical storm - we never had 4 consecutive days of rain in past June trips - we made the best of it but it really sucked too since we couldn’t go out on the yacht we scheduled and others had Boobs Cruise cancelled). So we actually were in the room quite a bit since everyone was scattered and there wasn’t much to do, but it was comfortable! Due to the rain, we used the room jacuzzi but if the weather would have been nicer I don’t think we would have used it even once! The balcony was flooded every day it rained so that also didn’t invite us to want to use jacuzzi much! The room has blinds that go up and down automatically but you can control it on the panel on the wall. You can order room service using the smart TV. That was fun and the food was good! ($5 fee for room service if you have a white band, otherwise free). The decor is colorful and nice but the bathroom shower is weird.

    THE FOOD/ RESTAURANTS: We LOVED Sea Flirt for breakfast over the buffet. The food was good, it was quiet and the view is beautiful. This was probably the best part of the vacation. Just the two of us having breakfast in a beautiful place!!!!

    The buffet we enjoyed for lunch but NOT dinner. They divided the old buffet into two different restaurants for dinner and the buffet now has limited choices and the overall quality when we tried it was terrible.

    The Mexican restaurant was nice for both lunch and dinner (they have Mariachis Tuesday and Saturday nights and they take requests). Being that I’m with a Mexican we asked for specific foods and some altered off the menu so we actually had good experiences at the Mexican. the Italian is GREAT for dinner (they still have the sexy coffee but you have to ask for it when they aren’t busy). They did the sexy coffee show for us. The Hibachi at Sutra was also good, but we did not sit down for dinner besides hibachi. We went to Sea Flirt for dinner once and it was fine. We went to SHE once and it was just ok, but something to see once. We don’t eat that much so the small portions were okay and something to try. That is all we tried! We would say the quality of food is the same as before, maybe a bit better? They still are inconsistent about men wearing nice shorts to dinner which is really annoying. Some sneak in and some are turned away. We enjoyed all of our drinks. The premier pool bar is really nice!!

    THE Day time ENTERTAINMENT: I don’t know what happened here, it was so disappointing .... The playmakers are all friendly and really nice, that part is good!! They do interact more with the guests than they did in the past but the games are the same old games. Being that we had 4/5 straight days of rain, I was expecting them to maybe move the party indoors for some type of entertainment (or since most people were still in the jacuzzi (packed as sardines) even as it rained maybe do something around that area). I didn’t really see them have a good plan B if it rains. The foam party never happened nor was it rescheduled. I don’t know if they do naked tequila volleyball anymore, never heard it. So the entertainment is really lacking in the daytime imo (if this is your first time, it will be nice to see the competitions). The new pool is so large and looks so nice at night, a pool party at night would be cool!! We were a bit bored for those rainy days, it really impacted the vacation. We decided to get off the resort one day and go shopping in the rain, that was a lot of fun! We would have done an excursion off the resort but it rained so much and didn’t want to risk it.

    The NIGHTIME entertainment - every night at Bash at 10:00. Well I don’t know... I think it was better before!! Some of the new shows were nice - the glow night was cool but every night it mostly all involves dancing unless I missed something. There is nothing interactive as in the past (casino night, show with cop stripper, game in night shoes where it was divided in teams and you had to find different things etc.) I don’t know why they don’t set up in the sexy pool for the fire show like before. They really should take advatange of the pool area at night, it is beautiful!

    BASH - nighttime party area - It’s large and really nice! The DJ areas are beautiful and the outdoor food buffet has expanded and is yummy! There are screens were videos are projected. Overall the entire area is 100% improved but the deadly dance floor. The dance floor is an odd shape, has no bars around it and very high (like 5 steps). If it rains, they close it. I couldn’t let myself go 100% and dance unless I was in the middle. Being tipsy and dancing on the edge would be dangerous. I like to go wild but couldn’t lol. I think overall the DJ played good music. He played all the songs I requested each night (maybe not right away but eventually in the night and I did Not tip him). I do like Latin music, so maybe that’s why it was so easy? I remember old TTR sometimes the DJ wouldn’t even take requests! The party can be fun every night if you make it, but if you drink every day, give yourself a day/ night of rest too!!

    THE POOLS/ BEACH - The new sexy pool is large and nice! We liked it! Yes, it is a hike to go from end to end but it’s a beautiful pool. We knew some of the June Junkies from the past so it was nice to chat with old friends and meet new Junkies in the pool. We met a lot of non Junkies too, but we initiated the conversation every single time. I think a lot of people want to chat and be part of a group but are shy to go up to someone. So get out of your comfort zone and strike up conversations....swim up to loners and say hi! This new pool lacks the intimacy the old pool had so you have to put more effort into meeting people. Your vacation will be what you make of it! The pool vibe is a bit different also - I don’t know how to describe it. I didn’t not see any shenanigans as in the past. We understand that you have to put yourself out there to talk to people, participate in games they have and in theme nights. So this trip we even joined a couple daytime games they had and I could remember all the steps from past years. Nothing changed except for the fact that now they give you a t shirt if you win (unless there is something I missed - someone who won a recent game maybe can reply to this). I won Miss Temptation a few years back and they were giving a free couples massage, a manicure, a room upgrade and I also ended up getting a free week back too (after voting which was controversial in the past) but they definitely were giving prizes that were more motivating!!! I think many would do way more in the games if the reward was enticing!!

    We never went to the quiet pool. Being that our room was right in front of it, I could see a handful of people there daily - it’s a good place to relax if that is what you want.

    There is a roof top pool - we went once for lunch and the view is great!!! The area is dead however. It has a lot of potential!! They should do like an after party for premier up there to entice people or something! It looks so nice but I don’t know how much use it gets sadly!

    The large jacuzzi is a really nice addition! This was our saving grace during the rainy days! Some days it was ridiculously packed due to the rain. But on days when it had normal occupancy, we actually were able to chat with people and make new friends easy as it’s more intimate like the smaller sexy pool. So that might be a good place to try to mingle if you are shy!

    I LOVED THE OLD sports pool that was 24hrs! The pools close at 7 now. Wow the 24 hr pool in the past at 2/3 am was the best after dancing/ drinking all night. We had soooo much fun in that pool in the past! It was honestly my #1 favorite part of TTR. This is one of the reasons I didn’t even consider a getting a membership now. I can’t explain how awesome that damn pool was. Jumping in with clothes in skinny dipping.....,to meeting new people at that time and taking bets as to who would be running half naked for shots at patios, to the stars above us while eating fries on the edge of the pool at night.....omg..... memories forever engraved in my mind!

    The beach area is what it is. I was collecting shells on rainy days. I never imagined I’d be looking for shells at TTR lol.... this is how dead it was on the rainy days.

    THE GYM/SPA - we went 2 days to the gym and it’s nice! With the referral you can check out the spa through a circuit (sauna, jacuzzi and steam room). The spa looks really nice but we didn’t get any massages since it was pricey for us.

    THE DECOR/ RENOVATIONS: The lobby is nice and large! The view of the beach is beautiful! There is a very ugly pink carpet in the middle and some of the decor in the lobby and that of the buffet (which you access by these never ending dangerous stairs to reach ground floor) reminds me of the plastic furniture you might see in a McDonalds lol. Idk... maybe I don’t understand fashion and design but to me it looks cheap? The bathroom in the room was also odd with no curtain or way to close the shower. Some of the decor is odd.

    THE OVERALL SERVICE: Imo Mexico has very hard workers that are humble and friendly people. We tipped at restaurants, for drinks, housemaids, Butler and luggage people. We wish we could have tipped everyone but we had to stick to a budget. We brought $200 for tips for 9 days. (I love Mexico in general and this is why I married a hard working one).

    So in conclusion, we had a good time, especially for the low amount we paid per night. The weather was out of our control but in all honesty it affected the trip a bit. As soon as the sun came out It was as if the hotel woke up again! Maybe this being our 4th time we expected more but we weren’t wowed. We have mixed feeling about the renovations and the new concept they are trying to push. We like the place and I think we will go back in a few years in hopes that it won’t give us the same old feeling of been there done that as it gave us now, but we don’t want a commitment of a contract. We were thinking of maybe trying something else next summer. Any recommendations for party places around the world?!. They do serve you better if you are premier, they immediately look at your band each time you ask for things. The people at TTR are still the best! Remember be chatty and get out of your comfort zone!! If you aren’t an asshole and are respectful you will have lots of fun and make new friends! Have fun!!! Maybe we will see you there in the future!!

    ***** We went to Mexico City for 5 days after TTR and we had such a blast!!! This is why I think we need to see more of the world and return to TTR another time!
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    Great report.
    Thanks for taking the time to write it.
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