Restling Trip Report Oct. 24th-30th

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    Back from TTR thought I would drop in a trip report, as I have always appreciated the ones I have read.

    Little background. Meri and I are both 51, and have been going to Cancun for the last 9 years, just skipping the one year that TTR was closed. The last 6 trips have been to TTR, and the first two were at the Golden Parnassus.

    I won't do a day by day, as for us, each day was pretty much the same. Breakfast on the balcony, head down to the pool around 10:00. Get towels, and a couple loungers at the Tower only deck. Then pool, sun, or walk around till late lunch. Then head to sky bar for lunch, and maybe a short rest on their deck chairs. Head back to the sexy pool for the bulk of the afternoon, and then the hot tub for the last hour or so. Snap in the room before Bash, then hit Bash, and head back by 2:00. It works for us, and we enjoy it.

    We live near a small regional airport, and pay a few hundred dollars extra to fly out of there, instead of driving 2.5 hours to Chicago, and then having to deal with security at a large airport. For us, it's simply walk in, wait in line behind a couple people, and go to the gate.

    In our previous trips we have always had a 6:00 a.m. flight, a connection, and then get to Cancun before noon. This year we had that booked again, but at some point the airline changed our times, and we now had a 3 hour layover, and weren't going to get to Cancun until 4:00. Kind of sucked losing those hours, but nothing you can do.

    Our caregiver who has been watching our daughter for the last four years was supposed to be at our house at 5:30 in the morning. Well, she overslept, and wasn't responding to text or calls. Lucky for us, her mother also started working for us, and we called her at around 6:00, and she said she would be there by 6:20.

    As we were sitting there waiting for her to get to our house, we just said that maybe this would be the one glitch for the trip, because there is always something. We made the flight on time, and were on the way.

    Flight's were smooth, but we had to deal with weather that they had to fly around, and made it an even longer trip. We get to Cancun, and got parked in what had to have been the furthest gate. What a long walk that was. Then you finally get to the escalator to go down to the immigration room, and you wonder how long the line is going to be. We've had years it's backed up all the way to door, and the room is packed. This trip we literally never stopped walking all the way to the stampy stamp guy. We didn't even have a chance to stop, and get our paperwork out. Sunday afternoon must be the time to go.

    Did the old head down thing thru the gauntlet at the end of the tunnel, but still had to ward off three different people, who really wanted to "help" us. We used USA Transfers again, and they were waiting for us, and had a car ready in five minutes. We've always just paid for the basic van ride, but this time we got a free upgrade with the SUV. I asked why, and they said if you are a multiple returning user they give you this once in a while. I wouldn't say we would pay extra for the SUV, but it was a very nice ride.

    With the later arrival I figured our room would be ready, and it was. I asked where it was, because we had requested one on the right side of the Tower, because we don't like the morning sun on the balcony while eating breakfast. Well the room was on the other side, so I said if there was any way we could switch we would wait. He said room 4223 would be ready in :20. We said great, and went to the gift shop to buy me some sunglasses, since I forgot to pack mine. $45, not terrible I guess.

    Walking out of there we got stopped by Bianca. She said she wanted to talk to us about the hotel, and answer any questions. We've always managed to dodge the timeshare talks, and I wasn't about to let her get me. I said, "we've been here many times, we know all about the hotel, and our absolutely not interested in any time share/membership meeting's." She kind of laughed, and grabbed my arm, and said, "just let me do my job, I'm not talking about that." And she wasn't she told us how the Mexican and Flame had switched spots, and a few other things, and we actually had a very nice conversation for a few minutes. Then she asked if I had any questions, and I said yeah, "could you get me in touch with premier for a membership quote?" We laughed and laughed... She would smile at us every time we walked thru the lobby, and is great at her job.

    Room is ready, and in three trips to the tower we have stayed in 4222 twice and 4223 once. Guess we own that hall way.

    Weather: After going thru a hurricane on last years trip, and never having a great day, we would say this year had the best weather ever. Every day was sunny and 90, and the evenings were warm and perfect. Nice bonus that you can't plan for, but hope for.

    Service: Everything was great. Anytime we needed something like some extra diet cokes for the room, or whatever they were very accommodating.

    Room: Always very clean, housekeeping was excellent. Even though we were down at the end of the Tower I wouldn't say the Bash seemed that loud in the room. We would usually head down, as the shows were ending, and would leave between 1:00-2:00, so we weren't in there for much of the night, but Bash noise wasn't an issue. What was, was a very loud room party in the Master Suite next to us. We were hoping for a good nights sleep the first night, as it had been a long day already, but apparently the party was moved next to us. I slept thru most of it, but Meri heard them in the hallway for most of the night from 2:00 a.m.-6:00a.m. They finally woke me up at 6:00, and they sounded like they were trying to have as loud of a conversation as possible. One person in their group kept telling them to be quiet, and they would kind of whisper for a few moments, and then it was right back to drunk'n yelling. They left for a bit, and then came back at 8:00 doing the same thing. Must have been their last day, as we didn't hear them again. Later a new couple moves in, and we actually met them in the hallway their first day. We told them the story, and said, hope you're not as loud as the last ones. They weren't, but a few nights later someone was yelling in the hallway again, and somebody opened a door and said something to them. So, our experience is, the rooms keeps Bash noise out just fine, but the hallway, not so much.

    Food: We are not food people at all, and really look at food as just like a stop at the gas station. Just get something to keep you moving along. For that reason we pretty much did breakfast room service, lunch at Sky Bar, a room service dinner, and a Bash burger before bed. Tried to go to the Italian one night, but it was close, and did Flame instead. Food was fine, first time we have done Flame. They actually have a pretty large salad bar their as well.

    Bar service: I thought they did a great job, really hardly had to wait at all. I got drinks at the bar at Bash a couple of times, and it's so freakin loud there I don't know how he can hear the order, but he always got it right.

    Pools: Quiet pool was just that. We did get in one time, because I wanted to remember how deep the old sexy pool was. Water level was just above nipple height on Meri, it's just below her chin in the deeper sexy pool. The deeper water makes it tougher to get around, but we manage fine, and the water temp was perfect all week.

    Sky bar water is much warmer, and their hot tubs are quiet warm. It was open every day till 7:00 when we were there, and also found out you can be naked in them pretty easily.

    The big hot tub is where a lot of people head between 5:00-7:00, and we were usually there during that time. We've always found people to meet and talk to in the hot tub, and have always liked that time. We've seen a few sex acts, but this time we were as close as ever. Some chick was riding a guy from Brazil, and they could have been more than 3' from us. She definitely finished, we were just hoping he didn't as well....

    Cameras: This has been a topic as of late, and I would say it seemed like we saw less cameras out than previous years. There was always someone out doing some selfie thing every once in a while, but it was always away from the crowd. I get with social media selfie videos are all the thing, but watching someone do them can be quite entertaining to watch.

    Crowd: There was a large takeover that ended the same day we got there. Same thing happened last year. However, last year it seemed that a lot more of them stayed after the takeover for a few days, and bridged the gap until the larger Halloween crowd would arrive. This year there were noticeably less people the first couple of days. Made a big difference at Bash. Pool seemed to have about the same energy no matter how many people. Lots of talk lately about how hard it was to meet new people, because of who was now coming. We didn't find that to be the case at all. We met plenty of new people at the pool, and didn't sense at all the "new vibe" people have been complaining about. Maybe you just need to go up to someone..?

    There were some single guys there. Always respectful. Funny story, on the second night at Bash Meri was were pink lingerie, and looked really nice. At the end of the night we were getting our Bash burger, and this guy came up to Meri, and said, "I just wanted to tell you that you look really good tonight!" He was just giving a nice compliment, and Meri was nice and flashed him for it. A few minutes later another guy came up to me, and said. "with all due respect, you're wife looks very pretty, could I tell her that?" I said sure, and he went up to her and said the same thing he told me. Even with the "with all due respect" So, anyway, when your 51 any compliment feels good, and we didn't see any rudeness out whole trip.

    Never saw any drunk fights, but we did see a really drunk guy on two different occasions. The first guy walked passed us towards the ramp on the way out of Bash. He had a really bad drunk lean going on, and could barely walk. A security guy followed him, and hopefully got him to his room.

    The second one was hilarious. We were sitting on the couch by the lobby bar waiting for the Bash show to end. This guy was trying to walk to the bathroom from Bash. So he was pretty much walking along the food side heading to the sliding doors on the right side. Somehow he veered right, and walked under the tv, and down that short path, and walked straight in the window separating Bash from the Lobby. It was a very loud bang, and a couple of us there heard it, and then saw him come back around the corner with his hand over his head. He eventually made it to the bathroom, but he was done for the night too.

    Music: We're not dancers, but do enjoy good music, watching other people dance, and Meri has learned to do that butt shaking thing that every seems to do. I've never complained about the music in all of our trips, and I've heard all the complaints, Pittbull over and over, same playlist etc.... Well this year there was none of that. It was almost like each DJ, day or night was having a contest on how few people they could get dancing to their songs, and who could play the most Latin music.

    This first couple of days I did say there was a smaller crowd, but there wasn't one person dancing on the stage, beside playmakers until day three at least. No joke. As the crowd got larger there started to be more dancing, and they started to play more American music. Then a couple of nights in a row they would stop that around 11:30, go back to the Latin music, and clear the floor of everyone. In all of our trips we've never seen the music so bad. Daytime was pretty much the same thing. Latin house music. And yes, it's still VERY loud!

    I guess someone got their way, because the music was noticeably different, and so was lack of crowd participation.

    Final thoughts: We met a couple last year on our trip, and spent most of this year's trip with them too. About the third time that we have done that with someone we have met at TTR. Became friends, and scheduled the next trip for the same time. It's nice to have a few base couples you can hang out with, and those new friendships are some of the best parts of TTR. Probably second to all the boobs, and fun atmosphere!

    Overall we had one of the best times of our 8 trips to Cancun, and even though we will age out eventually we don't feel like it's any time soon.
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    Great report!! We are sooo looking forward to our April trip… it’s been way too long since we’ve been back!
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    Lol I agree with getting compliments when you’re 50! Nice to hear.
  4. Randall A.

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    Great review. My wife and I, along with another couple, who are in our 50's are going for the first time in February (12 - 16). We are looking forward to the party vibe but don't know how much of the Latin music we will be able to stand. My wife loves to dance so hopefully we will have a good time. We are planning a Boob Cruise on Feb. 14th as well.
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    Sounds like my wife missed her week. She loves Latin music. I think the biggest problem with the music is you can't please everybody. For me I can dance out of time equally bad to any music. I just don't like hearing the same song 14 times in seven days. If we catch a week like you did we will most likely think it was spectacular. We arrive tomorrow afternoon.
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    Great Report Scott!!! Hopefully we will see you guys again soon
  7. FakeNewsTeam

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    Great report as usual.
    Happy you had a good trip.
    Good help is hard to find for sure, and airline travel has changed forever, and not for the better, just like TTR.

    Halloween trip was only ok with 3 change overs of guests.
    Regulars were great as usual, others not so much.

    I am done with the trip reports as maybe I am just a crotchety old man, and R an old women.
    But after 31 trips and all the changes we earned the right.

    As I my have mentioned, we have migrated to both the Desires and will most likely have limited trips to TTR, or take split trips, also limiting time at TTR to hold off all the angst longer stays create.
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    Awesome review, Thanks for taking the time to write it. We love to read reviews it takes us there when we cant go or be there.
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    Nice review. Glad you both had a great trip and didn't experience and problems or negative situations.
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