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Discussion in 'Grand Oasis Sens' started by natalie, Aug 29, 2017.

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    We are looking at booking this resort for Nov 2017. Flying in from Montreal. How is this resort compared to TTR? We have never done either. So any imput would be great. Seen alot of mixed reviews on trip advisor. Is GOS a party place? What is the average age group? and is this a possible swinger resort?
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    We have stayed at both Temptation and Grand Oasis Sens. With grand Oasis being the most recent last Oct. Its hard to compare the two as TTR has just reopened after a redesign and we have not been there since they reopened.
    We had no problems when we stayed at grand oasis in a regular room but that's not to say others have not. The little things don't phase us. If you have mobility issues then the stairs at gos will probably not be for you. They where a non issue for us we liked the multi levels. The beach is much nicer at gos, as is the view of the ocean from the main pool decks. You will find people of all ages at gos, but i think the average age was slightly younger then at TTR. we met lots of people around our age (32/30). I think that has to do with gos price being cheaper then TTR so many younger people may not be able to afford it, especially after the reno as prices at ttr have gone up quite a bit from when we last went. Ttr has a larger party atmosphere then gos did which felt more chilled but still had its moments. We met more people at gos who would go downtown to party at night in the big clubs, while the people at ttr seem to stay in house to party for the most part. As for the LS crowd I would think ttr is going to have a larger scene then gos does. But depending on who's there any given week that could change.
    Ttr has been completely renovated so I would think the rooms and amenities are going to have the edge over gos. Again its more expensive for a reason.
    More people topless on average at ttr vs gos.

    We are pretty easy to please and not much is going to get in the way of us having a good time so we decided to book both hotels when we return in Nov.
    Nov 18 - 25 Gos
    Nov 25 - Dec 2 TTR
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    We stayed in GOS in late May. We didn't like it. We upgraded our room as well . We had flooding issues. Many of our friends had the same issue. AC was weak in the rooms. The club had barely any AC. Food was ok at best. If your looking for party atmosphere. I highly recommend Breathless. We just got back a few weeks ago. Its an amazing resort. Great food as well. They had many LS couples the week we were there. Desire is right next door thats a LS resort as another option. If you have any further questions feel free to send us message we can go more into detail.
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