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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by gmw82, Jan 23, 2006.


Whos the Maddest

  1. Mad-Ad

  2. Madd Dougg

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  1. gmw82

    gmw82 Guest

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    Hi everyone,
    some of you may have read my thread "solo brit" or I may have ask a question too, hello again. For those i haven't yet spoken to greetings.

    Just wanted to comment on this great site, I see there is lots of goings on, boat trip etc.. and most people seem to be going to Cancun around the time i am 12-26th March.

    Looks like i will randomly be sharing accomodation with Matty, so hello to anyone that knows matty, I here he has been looking for a roomy for a little while and fortunately both our bad luck on mates dropping out seems to have work out well.

    Thought i'd run a little poll and a few get-to-know-you questions.
    I have seen two regulars here both claiming to be mad, so i thought i'd ask other regulars who is the Maddest?

    Some question to others:
    Favourite film - ?
    Favourtie Song/album/band - ?
    Favourite Food/drink - ?
    Personal Cocktail - ?
    Claim to fame - ?
    Random Hobby - ?
    Anything else you wich to share.

    Heres to a wicked 2006 Cancun and all!!!
  2. Sol_Gemma

    Sol_Gemma Guest

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    having personal experience of Mad-Ad i vote for him!


    Favourite film - to many to list esp THE REAL CANCUN
    Favourtie Song/album/band - Young Hearts run Free candi staton
    Favourite Food/drink - CHOCOLATE
    Personal Cocktail - Blu thing
    Claim to fame - girls gone wild at Senor Frogs??????!
    Random Hobby - scouring ebay for bargains
    Anything else you wich to share THE HERD ARE THE BEST
  3. Mad-Ad

    Mad-Ad Guest

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    Welcome gmw82.

    I have never met Dougg (Whos also called Ad) so I dont know but I guess Im a little crazy sumtimes :D

    Favourite film - American Beauty
    Favourtie Song -Don Mcleans, American Pie
    Favourite Food/drink - Chicken, Magners Cider
    Personal Cocktail - I dont remember but it cost £36
    Claim to fame - Nearly broke Cat Deeleys foot
    Random Hobby - Laughing at funny animals
    Anything else you wich to share - Yep :D

  4. Alnapa

    Alnapa Guest

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    i voted mad=ad cos he drank bleach on nye! that could kill you! so in my opinion he is MAD!.

    as for your questions.....

    Favourite film - Loads....Saving Pvt Ryan, Memento, Shaun of the dead, sin city the list is endless

    Favourtie Song/album/band - Fave song ever is More than words by extreme. Fave album...hmmmm not sure. fave band....again not sure.

    Favourite Food/drink - Steak and chips with salad and a bud or a cup of tea!

    Personal Cocktail - jeez no idea!

    Claim to fame - I was on a reality tv show called Destination D-Day: The Raw Recruits shown on BBC One May/June 2004 to mark the 60th Aniversary of D-DAY it was on for 5 weeks nad i got recognised in Asda wooooooooo

    Random Hobby - Staying in haunted buildings/ chapels it
  5. Geordie

    Geordie Guest

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    Being a member of The Herd Mad-Ad is certifiable!

    Favourite film - Too many to mention but they include Last Samurai, Ocean's 11, Gladiator anything my Miyazaki (among other things he did Spirited Away)

    Favourtie Song/album/band - Favourite song is the same sort of thing maybe Goo Goo Dolls - Iris, Greenday - Time Of Your Life, Eva Cassidy - Over The Rainbow, Jill Scott - Getting In The Way (MJ Cole Remix)

    Favourite Food/drink - Something Italian or Japanese

    Personal Cocktail - The Clear Concious

    Claim to fame - Was one of 10 people in the UK selected to go to Japan for 10 months on a scholarship paid for by the Japanese government. Was on Japanese TV for doing a dragon boat race. Was the only foreign person ever to take part in a local Japanese festival. Had a birthday card from Tony Blair on my 18th birthday.

    Random Hobby - not so random but going to the gym and playing 5-a-side.

    Anything else? - I once dressed up in drag and did The Full Monty with four other blokes on a stage in front of about 200 people!
  6. Greta

    Greta Guest

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    Favourite film - ? Green Mile/Remember The Titans/Goonies/Footloose

    Favourtie Song/album/band - ? Lynyrd Skynyrd/Bob Seger/
    3 Doors Down/Nickelback

    Favourite Food/drink - ? Chicken/Chocolate Milk/Tea

    Personal Cocktail - ? Daquarii

    Claim to fame - ? In A Live Video of The Eagles!!!

    Random Hobby - ? Taking Pictures

    Anything else you wich to share. ADDICTED TO CANCUNCARE!!!
  7. LeahN47

    LeahN47 Guest

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    I am not a member og the Herd.... But I voted for Mad-Ad.....

    Welcome to the board BTW!!! I hope you will find the answers to all the questsions you may have about spring break!!

    Some question to others:
    Favourite film - Saw 1 and 2
    Favourtie Song/album/band - Thats too hard to answer
    Favourite Food/drink - Food Anything Chocolate drink Mudslide
    Personal Cocktail - Thats a secret
    Claim to fame - Well umm I dont want to Brag...
    Random Hobby - Cars and cooking
  8. claire

    claire Guest

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    Favourite film - GOONIES/you got 'f*ck off' served lol
    Favourtie Song/album/band - loads of songs
    Favourite Food/drink - chinese...mmmmmmm
    Personal Cocktail - ummm
    Claim to fame - was on BRUM! and Girls gone wild (oh dear)
    Random Hobby - THE ACT
    Anything else you wish to share - um no, dont like sharing.
  9. Jlow511

    Jlow511 Guest

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    My vote went to Mad-Ad I mean he is mad enough to hang out w/ that band of social deviates known as the HERD!!!!

    As far as your other questions...

    Favourite film - LOTR Trilogy
    Favourtie Song/album/band - I like a Variety (From 50cent to Collective Soul, even country artists like Collin Raye and George Strait)
    Favourite Food/drink - Lasagna/Diet Cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper
    Personal Cocktail - anything sweet
    Claim to fame - Pole Dancer SB Cancun 2005
    Random Hobby - Painting/Drawing/Poetry/Gaming
  10. Jlow511

    Jlow511 Guest

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    Ok what is BRUM??

    Also WHICH GGW episode where you on?
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