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    First Time visit

    Dates March 10-17, 2019

    Room Category: Plush Jacuzzi


    Over all we loved the room! Everyone says that the closets are a pain, however after learning to count by two, the doors were not that hard to find! The lack of towel hanging hooks were obvious, however we did pack some 3M hooks for that reason. The lack of shower door/curtain and the placement of the opening caused water to spray all over the floor regardless of how careful we were. That was annoying, but not a real problem. I did not like how the automatic shade went down and not sideways as I could not sit out on the patio in the morning to have a coffee without flooding the room with light while my hubby tried to sleep. Bed was fabulous! The side tables were good to have but were dished in the middle making any glass that we set on it a weeeble wobble that always seemed to fall over.


    No real complaints here. Some great food at all the dinner restaurants. We tried all but She. My personal favorite was Amores for the Mexican. The Mariachi band was a nice touch and the food was so flavorful!! We did not do the Hibachi, however we had fantabulous service from Sinue at Sutra. The house cocktail was amazing!! Sea Flirt was great for both an ocean side breakfast and an evening meal. One thing that I wish I had was a shawl or a wrap for the restaurants, most were a bit cold for me.

    I loved that the sexy pool had a buffet of hot snack foods right there. No need to get dressed to grab something to get you to dinner. That and the bacon wrapped hot dogs!!! Yumm.


    Since we stayed by the quiet pool we did enjoy some down time there in the mornings. I saw some people doing laps and others just enjoying the water in the shade of the bar. The bar tender that served us (Alexander I believe) was very entertaining and always made us stiff drinks. In fact we found that the service was so much better than the sexy pool we ended up going there the last few days to get drinks while at the sexy pool. (The bathrooms are nicely in the middle of the two pools as well)

    I did find the sexy pool to be just a bit too deep for me, so I did bring a floaty and used if the first few days. But getting around the pool was slow and the current of people walking by was enough to send me off course so I abandoned it altogether. The activities were what you’d except with other resorts – trivia, games, contests – all were entertaining in their own way but with a sexy twist on some. They also had volleyball in the end away from the bar, which was a nice way to do something but still be in the water.


    I loved the theme nights!! It’s the only place you can dress up and party with tons of other people every night! Needless to say we dressed for every theme. We met so many people by walking around and checking out the other costumes. Some people went all out, while others did the minimum. I do believe that those who dressed up had more fun. We did see a bit of the shows and thought they were good. However if they remain the same every week I could see not caring about them after a few visits.

    Our favorite bar tender, Richie in the Lobby bar, made the best Caesars!! Yes Canadians, a real one!! We tipped him well and always a fantastic drink when we needed one. There was also a younger bar tender in the lobby that always took of us if Richie was busy but I didn’t get his name.

    The music was really good until the last few nights. We actually left early and went to drink in a room because the DJ couldn’t get away from the Latin techno stuff. I’ll dance to most anything – in moderation. The other nights the music was a good mix, even a few country songs thrown in.


    Besides the awesome people we met during our stay, these playmakers made our trip! Since we participated in pool volleyball, beach volleyball and danced with them at Bash we got to know a few pretty well. They all are amazing people who have some cool life plans after their time at TTR. It’s so neat to see these beautiful people give it their all from 9 in the morning to sometimes 1am, then get up and do it all over again for 6 days in a row!! FYI: if you mention them in the comment section of your survey when you check out they get an extra night off so if a few of them made your trip special make sure to mention it!!


    Not many. I wish the Plush Jacuzzi rooms had a walk out so you could go from the patio to the path. Would be doable for the most part, we just hopped the wall! That and the shade being all or nothing.

    Night Pool Party:
    Since I did see people asking I thought I could comment on this briefly. The idea is awesome!! However being on white night wasn’t the best choice in my opinion. Especially since we were on the BC that day as well. People were more spread out and since the pool was still chilly not many in it. Would love to see what happens as the weather heats up!!
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    Great 1st TR, appreciate it!

    Sinuei in Sutra is a agreat guy, in our opinion probably the best restaurant table server at Temptation, if not the entire Original Resorts "chain." He & His partner at Sutra, Juan, have been workingat the resort since 2002 and 2001 respectively I believe. They are great!
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    Great trip report!
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    Thanks you. Great review.
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    Awesome, trip. thanks for the review
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