May 11-17 Trip

Discussion in 'Grand Oasis Viva' started by prhodes, May 19, 2014.

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    Just got back from GOV. Had a really great time their. Had a spice room witch was pretty nice expect you have to pay for the room safe, In all my nine stays in Cancun resorts this is the first time I have had to pay for this so I declined. Still no biggie nothing got stolen.
    Their was no time share pressure on my group of 4 outside of letters being put under the door every other day.:clappyinghappy:
    One good thing I only seen Sarah 2 times the whole time I was their. Once when a lady in my group got her finger almost cut in 2. the hotel management sent her and some other girls out to dance beside the chair my friend was in to take the attention away from the accident. And once at the buffet so I never had to see her being so rude to people.
    Their is one thing that people should know about Mexico is that they will not except your health insurance. So if you get sick or have an accident you have to come up with cash or credit and fight it out with your Insurance Co. when you get back. 2600 Us dollars for 4 stiches and an X-ray and to have a finger nail put back into place.
    All that being said the grand oasis viva would have been a great place to vacation in the future if it was to keep it's adult concept. The drinks were good and they kept the property clean. They did however lack in security. The night before we left we were awaken at 12:30 am by some kids in the room next to ours a girl was kicking on the door and having a temper tantrum and a cat fight started when she got in her room. Took security like 10 minutes to get their.
    I will be going back too TTR in November............:headbanger:
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    thanks for shariing.. :)
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