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Discussion in 'Free For All' started by Cheers2US, Sep 11, 2021.

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    Hi everyone,

    I know this is the Cancun board, but I love the insight from the people here with regard to other topics.

    We've spent many many many vacations in Cancun, mostly Temptation and Desire. We would like to try visiting somewhere else for a change.

    We were hoping to visit Asia, namely Singapore and Thailand for our wedding anniversary, but COVID19 hit and those plans have been put on hold.

    We've never been to Hawaii and we've heard such nice things about the islands. Can anyone here offer suggestions on what island(s) to visit, what hotels to use, etc? I heard there is a nude beach (Big Beach?) but there's no hanky panky, just nudity, which is still OK with us.

    But if anyone knows of any sexy vibe anywhere, or must do/must see items, please let me know.
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    I believe it is little beach next to big beach on Maui
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    We were just in Maui in Feb after canceling at DRM. The nude beach at Littlle beach is closed right now. They had naked drums there on Sunday nights and it ended up attracting around 200 ppl and the locals caught wind with covid and shut it down. Still beautiful and an amazing place to visit. We did not go to the other islands but hit prime whale time in mid February. There were about half the normal amount of people (we were told by the locals) so it made going places easy.
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    I would rate the islands this way;
    1. Kauai
    2 Big Island
    3 Maui
    4 O’ahu
    It really depends on what you are looking for. Maui and O’ahu will have the most clubs and bars. Kauai and The Big Island are the most beautiful places we have been to. Water falls, mountains and active volcano.
    Accommodations again depends on what you are looking for. Go to Expedia and search the resort that fits you. There are no all-inclusive resorts. Renting a car is a must. Explore.
    There are secluded beaches and places that can be your playgrounds.
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    Stacia & I've been to Hawaii 4x, staying only on Oahu and Maui for those trips. 1st trip, Oahu, stayed at Turtle Bay near to North shore. Laid-back, Wayyyyy "hang loose, man..." sort of vibe. Like stepping back in time a couple decades, sort of. We Did like it, but it's a bit slow if your standard "thought" for a vacation is TTR's sexy pool vibe.

    The next trip was Oahu again, stayed at North Shore again for 3 nights, then shifted down to Waikiki for the last 4 nights. Much more active nightlife as you'd expect. Prices way higher and nothing is all-inclusive as stated above by someone who's been a lot. Like being in Houston, downtown area, but with Waikiki beach right across the street with all that entails. Good time... but VERY touristy.

    Maui, 1st time stayed in Lahaina's Black Rock Sheraton. Mucho Expensive! Should have done a bit of research. Room rates were ~$500/night. Ouch! Stil, Lahaina is a fun place to be, lots of cool little bars and restaurants, shopping, hang out places. Very much worth doing.

    This trip was the one we first went to "Little Beach," which is over to the "right" as one walks out onto the sand of "Big Beach" (it's signed that way, although there isn't a sign for Little beach). You go out onto the beach, turn right at the water, and walk to the cliff/point that goes out intot he water enclosing the cove-thing that encloses Big Beach. There is a trial there to climb up and over (pretty serious grade, you'll need to go on all fours in at least 3 places and do NOT wear flip-flops unless you want bloody feet after a slight slip). Nothing "fancy" about Little Beach, except that you can (COuld? COVID?) get naked there. Absolutely gorgeous though! Here's a quick info link:

    Makena Beach State Park (Big Beach) Maui

    The last time we went to Maui we stayed in the town of Kihei, about a half-hour from Lahaina south on the West Coast of Maui, in a little converted apartment complex called the Maui Schooner Resort. Complete and cool little apartment complex, right on the beach, we got a 2-bedroom/2-bath apartment condo, and using our SFX part of our TTR/DRM Premier membership I only paid $550 for a WEEK. Boom!

    Driving time: Maui Schooner to the entrance of Makena Beach park is 12 minutes-ish. Walking time down to the sand of Big Beach, then turn right and up & over is about 45 minutes, not kidding. If you pay attention though, as you park, there is a path through the shoreline scrub woods which goes over firmer terrain and drops you right at the bottom of the cliff point you've got to climb. Saves you at least 20-25 minutes depending on what you're carrying. Oh, you Will want to carry "something," both to munch on and have to share ina dult libations.

    Other questions, Just PM, no problem.
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