Good Article About Travel To Cancun

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by SaberJack, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Not shooting the OP here...
    Given the global pandemic, it strikes us as a completely irresponsible article.
    The article's author is not a medical professional, is uninformed, has zero credibility and seems to be promoting continuing discretionary international travel even against the advice of pandemic health experts, travel advisories and global leaders. Additional states of emergency are being declared as we type this, and airlines are suspending international flights. Flights may not be available to get you back home, you may be quarantined for 2 weeks on your return and you may have no travel medical insurance if you choose to travel during a pandemic... even to a destination that may currently be seen as a lower risk area ... situations are changing daily. Not fear mongering here. Inform yourselves, protect yourselves, postpone your travel and listen to your local health experts.... don't take our word for it... and certainly not the article's author. After COVID-19 passes, there will be lots of time to vacation in due course. Let's each do our part in helping to reduce the spread, to make thoughtful decisions and to be kind to one another.
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